The world is increasingly been filled with Charlatans, Liars, Cheats, Self Absorbed Tossers and Unadulterated Numpties. For too long these individuals have gone unrecognised. So I’m going to rectify this by introducing our very own Numpty Award which will be fittingly named after the UK’s most esteemed PM.

The the first Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson Numpty Award goes to this man. Nick Gibb who is the UK’s School Minister.

Today good old Nick made the following comment about today’s brilliant Global Climate Strike.

“We share the passion, as a Government, of young people for tackling climate change, and that is why this Government and this country is committed to reaching net zero greenhouse gases by 2050.

But we don’t think it should be at the expense of a child’s education because what we want is for the next generation to be as well educated as possible to tackle these kinds of problems.”

So Nick shares the passion does he. This is clearly backed up by his Parliamentary voting record on addressing climate change. According to on measures to prevent climate change he has “generally voted against” these. His record is 10 votes for, 17 against and 5 absences.

He seems happy with the commitment to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. That’s another 30 years of screwing the planet then.

He has voted for the reintroduction of Fox Hunting and backed the culling of badgers.

Let’s not forget that dear old Nick was the Minister who told schools that kids going through bereavement must be in school. He called kids missing school on the grounds of grief as ‘an extended holiday’.

This is a man who is convinced that increased discipline and a return to the 1950s school system is the answer to our educational problems.

This is the chap who refused to separate spelling testing from the assessments for 10 year olds even though Teachers and Dyslexia Associations objected to the fairness of the approach.

This is the man who told schools they must only to use Phonics to teach kids spelling. Another policy which appalled teachers and health professionals. Yes phonics can work for many kids but is completely the wrong approach for some kids, especially those with special needs. Nicks approached moved schools away from explaining what words mean to learning parrot fashion how to spell a set list of words.

This is the man who introduced exams for 4 year olds. FOUR YEAR OLDS. Yes the wonderful baseline testing which is largely rejected by educational professionals and parents.

And let’s not forget that the man behind so much testing for kids 4 and 10 year olds actually got one of his own English questions wrong live on radio. He then refused to answer the maths question thrown at him.

This is the guy who said exams didn’t put pressure on kids. Social media was the cause of the pressure.

So I present to you Nick Gibb the first holder of the Numpty Award. Who can deny this monumental bellend his moment of glory.

72 thoughts on “Numpty Award

      1. I am not sure I want to keep politics out of schools as I hope our young people will learn how to express opinion and they bring their own politics anyway, but yes I wish they would leave education in the hands of the experts instead of pandering to the whims of politicians who love to harp back to when they were at school. It is so irrelevant in this modern world!

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  1. Thank you so much for this, he was a little off my radar but is now in my sights. He is obviously an enormous arse. One of the key messages coming from young people and children at the moment is that they want us, the adults, to fix the problems. His assertion that children need to go to school to fix these problems in the future is yet another disgusting miscalculation by those in power. This is precisely why Greta and her peers are striking. They want us, our governments right now, to do something about this crisis. It is no good waiting until they are educated. They will pick up the great work that we start now.

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  2. Can we give the next award to DeVos?
    Phonics? Puh-leeeez! I remember all the parodies of the whole phonics thing… Hookt on foniks werkt fer me👍
    Education is something that really gets my blood pressure up. Letting the kids participate in this day of climate strike is more educational than all the crap they’re shoveling in the classrooms these days. The kids who are excited and THINKING about climate change are using their brains and learning. What a concept, right?!

    Okay, I’ll go mutter angrily somewhere else now😤🤬🤦‍♀️

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      1. Oh my goodness, yes. Completely unfit for the entire US education system – she wanted to privatize learning which would destroy any child with special needs as no private school has to provide to the special needs population. Thankfully that didn’t happen – but it appears to be the same. There is only one kind of student these numpties are thinking about when they create an education plan. How to make the ideal or typical student thrive. So many kids overlooked.

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    1. Interesting how we have an election every 4 or 5 years but the politicians put the goals for important issues well beyond their current mandate. Hmmm, 2050 sounds good. By then I’ll be old and senile and not remember what goal we were working towards.

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  3. Given his antiquarian approach to schooling and environmental issues, I vote that we bring back the town ‘stocks,’ lock him in them for a week (in the rain) and have people throw rotten food at him. A return to good old fashioned British values! 😁

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