If you keep your head down and have blinkered vision it is staggering what you might just miss.

How many thousands of pairs of eyes have just not registered this little sign at the edge of the path. 2000 years.

The thousands of times I have been in the front room desk draw. Looking for postal stamps, envelopes, address books, paper clips. I never registered the little blue notebook. Well after all this time it registered. What is this. It’s a piece of family history. Not from 2000 years ago. In fact it’s probably only 4 and 5 years old.

It’s a notebook which my partner wrote things in. Important stuff.

  • Christmas Food shopping list,
  • Thank you lists,
  • Present ideas,
  • Christmas Card lists,
  • Christmas Lunch cooking timings.

Initially I panicked. She might catch me looking. Yes for a brief moment I did actually think that. Then I became concerned that this unplanned find would bring on a grief storm. But no. It was an entirely different feeling. Being a typical sad numpty I was fascinated to find out what my present list might have been. Some great rock cd ideas. A U2 cd – clearly the joke present. Pointless but fun little toy gadgets. A little cricket dice game called HOWZAT (I would have had hours of fun with that). A book on bushcraft – was she going to kick me out into the garden. A grumpy old man T-shirt (why would she get me that…). Another Trivia Pursuits game so she could embarrass me again – why can’t I just win the game by answering only sport questions. A Toolkit – yes I never did get round to putting those shelves up (sorry dear).

It’s strange how things change. Since the world changed I don’t really get presents now and the interest has gone. Just want son to have the fun so any presents must be his. But you know what – just maybe I might by myself a couple of items from the notebooks list. Hell will freeze over before I get a U2 cd. So just maybe on Christmas Evening I will be sat in my Grumpy Old man T-shirt playing my silly little cricket dice game. This all came about from opening my eyes. Must try it more often.

48 thoughts on “2000 years

  1. The fog is dissipating…you’re starting to be ABLE to see… look at the treasures you’ve already found. Who knows what else is waiting to be discovered?!

    I lost interest in U2 in the mid 90s… they were great in the 80s

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  2. What a find. That is an awesome present right there. And I agree, buy something from the notebook list. She wanted you to give you those things. And look – you got the laugh without actually having to own a U2 CD. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. “She might catch me looking” ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Excellent post, Sir.

    We’re all way too busy in this life, we miss far too much (consciously! – the subconscious catches more that we can easily recall. Sometimes in dreams, sometimes with silence and concentrated effort).

    Slow and steady as she goes Helmsman.

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      1. Nothing too serious i hope?

        Sometimes a recall fail can be a good thing!

        A reminder, in case you may have not remembered…

        … do you fancy taking on Chelsea’s terrible poetry challenge this week – a tanka??

        Mine’s in. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  4. Ahhhh … she was a list-maker like I am! I cannot function without my lists. Well, okay, I don’t function all that well even with the lists, but at least I remember to go to the grocery once a week and clean the bathrooms on Friday. A “Grumpy Old Man” t-shirt!!! I must find one of those, for I know exactly who to give it to for Christmas!!! Perfect! Hugs, my friend!

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  5. Oh how true! Sorting through bins in the garage and found a case of burned DVDs Dad made for me while I was in grad school because I couldn’t afford much of anything. Seeing his handwriting hurt at first, but then I found I could roll my eyes at some of the goofy choices Dad made for me, like KRULL. Now I can smile. Still hurt a little, but the smile is the bigger feeling, and I’m thankful for that xxxxx

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