Yes it’s almost the weekend so it must be time for a bit of terrible poetry via Chelsea Owens great weekly competition. This week given the subject it’s going to be virtually impossible to skew this round to the worlds numpty politicians. So the rules are:

  1. The type of poetry I’m interested in is a tanka. Colleen Chesebro runs this form (and a few others) every week for her popular Tanka Tuesday challenge.
    A tanka is very much like a haiku, but uses the format 5/7/5/7/7.
    On top of that, our Topic is PUMPKIN SPICE.
  2. What’s the length? I already told you: it’s a syllabic pattern of 5/7/5/7/7.
  3. Rhyming is not allowed. Scented candles are.
  4. The most important part is to make it terrible. Madame Chesebro herself must apply to WordPress to have my site banned from the internet, burned, and buried with cloves to ensure we never attempt to write tanka poetry again.
  5. Pumpkins and their harvest seasonings can stay rated at PG or tastier.

You have till 8:00 a.m. MST next Friday (October 4) to submit a poem to Chelsea.


Had to look up Pumpkin Spice. Never had it before. Was also tempted to interpret tastier as X rated – but I’d better not.

30 thoughts on “Terrible Poetry

      1. Is that the truth, young man?????

        Do you remember the class where we said looking was important? We should not miss the small things?

        Did you read all of Chelsea’s instructions and follow them?

        For homework I want you to write three tankas, not tonkas, on the topic of Small Things. Use Bruce’s example for the template if you need to.

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      1. Oh I’ve already been Christmas shopping. I’m one who snatches them up as she sees them and puts them in the Gift Box in the storage room. 🙂

        Overall? Okay. Wishing for more time to write, but I know these extra hours are making a big difference when it comes to the family budget. Tracking down some new potential resources to use with the boys…we’ll see how that goes.

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      2. That will make things less stressful for the both of you. You both work so hard. Hope that goes well for the boys. I take it the books are taking a backseat. How are books sales doing. Was reading someone saying it’s like most things struggling a bit. xxx

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      3. Oh, the crickets have made their home on my book sales. 🙂 But you know, that’s okay. Like you said, it all gets to be so, so much, and SOMEthing must give. My family needs me to step up, so I’m a’steppin’. Yes, I do hope to write during NaNoWriMo, but I know better than to think I can hit that 50K. Heck, I’ll just be happy if I swing 5K because that at least means I’m writing. 🙂
        Shopping all year for Christmas also lets me, you know, shop all year instead of just during the holidays. It’s too damn stressful cramming days of SHOPPING in, especially if I have to drag all three kiddos along. Blondie enjoys it, but the boys, not so much, and I don’t blame them. It’s no fun seeing only what other people get to have for presents. 🙂

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      4. That’s so tough for the kids. Son sees and hears the stuff his classmates get. That’s on top of being the only kid in his class with one parent. But we can only do what we can. You always step up. That’s why you deserve a few breaks in life. For a start those pesky crickets can bugger off. I really hope you get writing again. Can you just start writing straight away or do you need to get back into the rhythm first. With all these questions I should interview you on your website. Sorry… xx

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      5. Ha! No, no worries. I’m hoping November can help me change that. Honestly, I’m surprised about that parent ratio. We’ve a number of single parent households in the boys’ school, and our town’s only a couple thousand strong.
        The biggest bugger is time. I’ve got bits of the story crystal clear in my head, but there’s just so. much. to do. that’s why I’m hoping if I stop “blogging” in November and instead just post bits of my writing on the blog for a month, I’ll get into writing. we shall see, though…oh, we shall see… 🙂 xxxxxxx

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      6. You could just give Blondie a project. Let her take over your site for a month. His last school he was the only one. As is the case in his class. It’s not about just having a Dad it’s that it reminds him of losing his mum. I’m sure the other classes would have different proportions. I really hope you get some quality time. It would do you the world of good. xxxxxxx

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