It’s Sunday and it’s time for a bit of Switzerland.

Just something about this wonderful place that is so uplifting for the soul.

Looking at the photos something occurred to me. How the varied architecture and buildings blends in perfectly with the stunning landscape. How many times these days do you see a potentially wonderful view ruined by an ugly inappropriate building. Not here in Switzerland.

44 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. Excellent observation!

    And your pictures here capture it so beautifully.

    On behalf of the whole of Switzerland (and myself) Thank You for posting these wonderful photos each week. 😉

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  2. I have only ever driven through the alps on the way to Italy but your post really make me want to explore it a little more. Maybe an OAP gap year visit when my son’s grown up…

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  3. After a tough week, it’s beautiful to come to Switzerland here. No matter how bad the week has been, everything slows and sinks away at the sight your Switzerland.

    May you always be blessed for this peace you bring me.

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