We were sat watching some YouTube videos of TV shows Rory (A Guy Called Bloke) had listed under Sitcoms suddenly morphed into another excuse to watch my favourite programmes.

Dad you do know most of the stuff you like on TV will mean nothing to most people. They will just look blankly at you. The worry is that I have part of your DNA. Thanks….

So it’s time to enlighten the world. Well a really small part of it…

The Indestructible Captain Scarlet trying to defeat his nemesis Captain Black and the Evil Mysterons. My favourite show ever. With strings or the much later expensive version. WE NEED A CAPTAIN SCARLET MOVIE.

Hectors House. The grumpy dog with a hunting gun.

With the earth under attack from aliens we need to respond with the coolest defenders ever. It’s got to be UFO.

Think Star Wars without the special effects or the humour. Think Star Wars without a budget. I give you Blake 7.

Bearded puppets with attitude means Michael Bentine’s Potty Time.

Magicians shouting ‘Size of an Elephant’, a scary letter box and a show dripping of awesomeness. It’s The Banana Splits.

Monty Python meets the stories of our dreams (or nightmares). One of the funniest TV shows ever. It’s Ripping Yarns.

82 thoughts on “The Forgotten – Part 1

  1. I have zero knowledge of UK shows and it’s always fun to see what others consider Must See tv. I’ll have to ask my friend from your part of the world if she loves these, too.

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  2. Yep… Know all of these…
    And who remembers the ‘Wooden Tops’ and the real early stuff for small kids, like ‘Listen with Mother,’ Andy Pandy,” Bill & Ben, ‘ and Tales of the Riverbank, ‘
    I loved Captain Pugwash… And wow, that was so full of naughty inuendo that I never understood as a child. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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    1. Oh, and sadly, age 5, I was an absolute bonkers, ‘Noddy’ fan. Although “Sweep’ from ‘Sooty and Sweep’ was my favourite Charactar.

      But as an adult…. We’ll, you just can’t beat ‘Wallace and Gromit!

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      1. I remember those days. All the arguments about which channel we would switch to… It’s funny, we only had three channels and they still managed to screen everything worth watching at the same time.

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  3. Many great shows here although i don’t clearly recall Hector’s House (hunting gun??) or ever recall seeing Potty Time. (Eeeeww!) πŸ˜‰

    UFO would’ve been my top pic for Scifi, and what could ever beat The Banana Splits? – a real life AND animated version of The Monkees – only betterer! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Hey Fleegle – take out the Trash!! πŸ˜‰

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      1. I thought so – i really liked the gas turbine cars they drove, often along narrow ‘English countryside lanes’!

        Oh, and i think maybe i might have liked the Interceptor squad just a teeny bit. πŸ˜‰

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      1. I don’t know how far back you go but I remember watching The Invaders sci-fi series as a kid and rewatched it all on youtube a couple of years ago. I thought it was still good.

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  4. You have brilliantly documented some of my favourite viewing as a child, although I never quite got into Blake’s 7. Captain Scarlet, Thunderbirds and Joe 90 were required viewing in my peer group.

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  5. I remember watching Blake’s 7 and theirs adventures aboard the Liberator. As a child I didn’t like the character of Avon but he fascinated me. I guess he might be the Severus Snape of science fiction!

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