I had a lovely email from a fine American chap. Thank you so much for taking the time to write personally to me. It was most entertaining – best laugh of the day so far. Unfortunately I didn’t get round to responding to you for some reason. I accidentally deleted your email. I think your a big fan of my blog. I don’t usually get the following gushing complements.

Effing Commie

Full of liberal bullshit lies

Keep your dumb motherf****** Limie views to yourself

I think you took great offence at one of my comments about your precious President. I wonder if it was when I compared him to a pumpkin. Or maybe it was calling his precious wall – stupid. Or maybe it was thinking I had seen this hairstyle somewhere before.

So to my American friend I must do another commie post real soon here. Don’t tell anyone but I’ve just done a guest post on another site which I’m sure you will agree with. I think I compared your leader to Nero.

But in the meantime here are a couple of Bernie Sanders quotes I’m sure you will love.

“And let me make the radical statement that I don’t believe that you can say something profound in the 140 characters that make up a tweet”

“You’ve got the top 400 Americans owning more wealth than the bottom 150 million Americans. Most folks do not think that is right.

82 thoughts on “To my American Friend

  1. Lol. That’s some fan mail!
    Oh…and you say you wrote guest posts…..
    If you’re ever up for it I’d love you to write something for my blog. I think my readers need to be exposed to your sense of humour.

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      1. Actually, after I posted my comment I thought about what I’d have done. I would have published the lot as-is, including any information on the sender’s address. You know, just to let people decide for themselves whether this kind of behaviour is acceptable.

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    1. That’s what you get when things are polarized. Most undemocratic. The underlying point of democracy is to engage with people who have opposing ideas so as to learn from them and arrive as a consensus. Oh, that sounds to idealistic. It takes too much mental energy to debate a point and give sound reasons. Much easier to discredit everyone who thinks differently.

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      1. But it wasn’t idealistic. Even a few years ago you could hear people have a discussion with differing views without hatred. Now you can see the hatred and loathing in people’s faces. In the past I would have been labelled Labour now I’m labelled a remoaner and a traitor. An enemy of the people.


      2. In Canadian politics it’s possible to have a minority government. That’s when real democracy can happen. In order to put a bill into law it means coming to an agreement with at least one other party and work to a consensus. That requires discussion and a search for common ground. Most people aren’t as far apart as it appears when party leaders announce the scary positions that the opposing party holds. Usually exaggerating the consequences of the opposing party.

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  2. Oh, I do hope he misspelled a bunch of the words too. That always makes it extra special.
    I’m sort of envious. I write about the Orange Idjit often and never get love letters. Maybe using the name “Orange Idjit” is too advanced for his followers to understand?
    Lord help me, but I’d rather have “Dubya” back than the egotistical hate spewer we have now. And that’s saying something.

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  3. The hairstyles are very similar!

    Am pretty sure the GP is a more decent human being however! (And would probably make a less damaging to the country and world President.)

    Looking forward to my email now! 😉

    Way to nail your flag to the flagpole, Sir! 👍

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      1. Unlike US/UK the US/AUS relationships have been almost entirely friendly, with us only ever fighting on the side of America in any war they happened to start/join into – the only exception being a brief skirmish lasting about 4 years when we proved ourselves better sailors than them when we won their rigged America’s Cup Yacht race back in ’83.

        As a result no Yank has ever graced us with a nickname (that has stuck) which is more vicious than ‘Aussies’, which we proudly call ourselves, they just have their weird way of pronouncing things though and say Aussie like bossy instead of the correct pronunciation of Ozzy!

        If you don’t know where the term Yank came from you might enjoy looking that one up also! 😉

        Were your American friend and i ever to cross-swords i imagine i would be the greenie leftie nut-job?? or, given his current vocabulary range, i imagine faggot would be as much as he might muster up.

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      2. Sorry, sorry , sorry – i stuffed up (thinking about 25 different things at once!) 🙄

        Americans call some other Americans Yanks/Yankee’s. Aussies use the term ‘Septic’s’ as Aussie rhyming slang for a Yank. To save the time of trying to find that derivation i can inform you the full definition would be a ‘Septic Tank’, because they are most often full of sh.. 😉

        Very few who get called that ever make the connection, until it is explained to them, which only adds to our amusement.

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  4. Oh, that gorgeous little animal should not be a comparison to the orange lump in the Whitehouse… Who I am beginning to think is actually an undead, zombie. Even trolls, like your illiterate American fan, are more attractive.

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  5. Bravo to you!! Your post made me chuckle and I wanted to say I share itsn sentiment. As a foreign born America, I am horrified and embarrassed by the chief hamster. Keep up the good work (and many thanks for swinging by the Ranch and for the follow-we 💖visitors, especially those who speak truth to power).

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