The boys are back in town. Well I hope it’s ‘The Boys’ as we might get a plague of Gerbils soon.

Three is plenty. The pet shop certainly saw us coming with the line – they have always been together, such a shame to separate them. To be fair to the G Team (can’t believe someone came up with a rodent G Force before me) they are exceptionally friendly, clean and don’t eat much. When I say don’t eat much. They do shred cardboard. Epic proportions. They also do like to destroy gerbil houses. Good job we have started to make them ourselves.

Unfortunately some things you can’t make again.

Take a long hard look. A stunning Swiss Glacier. Many of these wonders have lost up to 2m of thickness just in this year. They have lost over 10% of their volume in the last 5 years. At current rates 90% of The Alps 4000 glaciers will be gone by the end of this century. Why? 2019 was the third hottest on record for Switzerland. 2018 was the fourth. 2017 the 5th. 2015 was the 2nd. In September a wake was held for another glacier which had been sadly lost. It won’t be the last.

46 thoughts on “The boys are back town

    1. Visited Mount Edith Cavel in 1983. At the parking lot was a sign marking the front edge of the glacier in 1953, the year I was born. Saw the sign but no glacier in sight. Followed the marked path, a 15 minute hike. We then arrived at a lake, a rather large lake of ice melt. At the far end of the lake was the lip of the glacier.
      And this was before all the discussion about climate emergency. Where will it lead while Canada is on the edge of voting in a government leader that is “in denial about climate change”.

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  1. Hopefully Trump will be gone soon. The tower is crumbling with more and more old cronies removing the supports. Turkey was the final jolt. Hopefully. They need to stop letting this man make decisions. On a happier note, cute gerbils.

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  2. Sorry, I’m quite recently following you, do you have a post somewhere which explains your links to Switzerland? I don’t really have any myself, although I have spent very enjoyable times there.
    You’re right, of course, but equally, there are people out there who will not care, or who will disagree with you outright, and just who will just carry on going their own sweet way (and undoing all the good things that you might be doing). So it’s not enough just for us to care ourselves, we need to convince these others that they should care. ER is unpleasant, but it’s the right idea. Brits will claim to be environmentally-conscious, but how many of them flew to Greece for their holidays? I was in M&S the other day and the people both before and after me in the queue were happily buying bags for life for their shopping.
    It is very depressing because I don’t really see any way out.

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      1. My connection was more accidental. Went to Geneva for a weekend break, liked it, went back… Just that French part, mainly – my French is ok and we’re not far from Portsmouth so we went over quite regularly to France.

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  3. The ‘like’ was for the Gerbil part of the post!

    You can add Scott Morrisson and Justin Trudeau to the other two helping the acceleration.

    Our (Australian nett) CO2 emissions are increasing annually – for the last 3 years! 😦

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      1. Mine says it is doing enough.

        What it doesn’t say is that all the ‘heavy lifting’ was done for them by a previous Labour government and the drop in growth due to the 2008 GFC – they have done squat while in office.

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      2. One of many sad things about that – is that they most likely ARE the most climate friendly ever (UK) government. 😦 😦 😦

        Or is that more accurately, the most climate friendly conscious UK ever while in Government?

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