We have talked about how important Rock music is to our son. He has a number of music related bucket list entries which he is keen to tick off. So for his birthday I saved up the coins in my trouser pockets. Routed underneath the sofa for lost money. Worked my butt off. All to afford a few concert tickets. We saw Kiss a few months back. In a couple of months we are off to see his favourite band – Alter Bridge. And a few days back we went to Leeds to see ….

First bank of the night was MC5. That band who did Kick out the Jams in 1969.

Then it was The Stranglers.

Then it was

Time for Alice Cooper.

Son had seen Alice in the Hollywood Vampires but was desperate to see one of his epic rock opera shows. He wasn’t disappointed. I remember seeing Alice back in 1991. That night I never dreamt that 28 years later I would be watching him again with my son. That’s so cool.

Think son has his first crush. Nita Strauss. She is Alice Coopers guitarist. Dad does as well but it’s not my first….

Happy son can now tick off one of his top bucket list items but has added a new item on the list. See Alice again.

54 thoughts on “Alice in Wonderland

  1. In fairness, he probably never thought he’d be there 28 years later either!
    Our daughter has left home, so we only have ourselves to please, but some bands of our youth are still doing the rounds. Manic Street Preachers played down in Southampton a few months ago, which isn’t too far. But I’d have needed to take out another mortgage if I’d wanted to attend…

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  2. We are far away from his concerts but I saw him on TV here last year in “Jesus Christ Superstar”. My first reaction was”Surely he can’t still be alive ? After all the drugs and alcohol he poured into his system ?” But he was, at age seventy, nearly as old as me ! He was excellent as Herod too.

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      1. Obviously. I saw an interview with him not long after that performance. He nearly killed himself with booze and drugs, and went back to the church of his father and grandfater.

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  3. Way cool! Great Job Dad!

    I dunno why but i always used to think The Stranglers were an Aussie band??

    Like the previous lady i’m amazed Alice is still alive and touring!

    He used to be a great live act and from all appearances, he still is.

    Your son has great taste – like his old man.

    ( Not good to share the same crush though, but i can certainly see the attraction!) 😉

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  4. Have you ever thought about maybe your son’s future is related to music? Music doesn’t discriminate, if you can’t read music (music notes,) you can still enjoy it or play an instrument. On the other hand, literature (reading) if you have dyslexia or other problems, it’s more difficult. Does he play any instrument?

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      1. Gah, I know. We’ve still got some relatives to shop for, not to mention all the decorating. I LOVE decorating,but I can’t let it turn into a chore with this restricted time schedule. Once again, finding that balance is key.

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