We left last Sunday having just arrived at the top of a little mountain which is special to me. The FIRST.

The First is a smallish mountain overlooking the beautiful Swiss Town of Grindelwald.

It is 7100 feet high and it takes about 25 minutes on the mini cable car to the top. You can just sit on the grass and drink in the the views.

At the top you can have fine Swiss food and drink

Or enjoy high level walks.

Or the brave can fly at breakneck speed.

Or you can do a number of platform walks across the cliff face or into space. Only for those with a great head for heights (or in this case drops).

The First is just a fun mountain. Every time you visit here you can do something different. So many memories available to be made. Just goes to show that you don’t need to be the biggest to be one of the best.

63 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday – The second First.

  1. Simply stunning (Again!)

    I can see why the First rates first, even when it’s the second time! πŸ˜‰

    You’ve raised my spirits today with these glorious shots.

    I believe Switzerland is a place where someone with qualifications in Accountancy would fit right in???

    I bet they probably would even have a decent education system too?

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  2. I think half of me lives in Switzerland now, thanks to you. Whenever life gets too hard, I google Switzerland and sink my spirit there. I go in feeling worn and weary, I come out wistful but strengthened.
    Switzerland is beautiful and there’s a healing power in its beauty.

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  3. Your stunning Sunday pictures remind me that I have access to a mountain that is just over 6000feet elevation with views of the desert to the east and sometimes, if the weather is clear enough, a glimpse of the ocean about 58 miles (93km) to the west.
    I forget how blessed I am to live in an area with such varied landscape. Thank you for reminding me! πŸ’Œ

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      1. Ours is just over two weeks. Will just be the two of us so we may get a chance. He had set himself a target of 10 new places to visit this year and he know he’s 4 short. But it’s not easy for him. Maybe a trip to Whitby Abbey which inspired Bram Stoker. It’s only an hours drive. I really hope you do. xxxxx

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