The Yorkshire fields are rapidly becoming boating lakes. Very tempting for a young mad dog. Not so tempting for the owner faced with cleaning the mud laden hound. Then faced with cleaning the mud strewn house.

Son had finally gone to bed and I started on some late night work. I wasn’t hopeful as I was already fighting the urge to sleep. But needs must. I think Apple or Microsoft should take account of tiredness in the design of apps. How many people fall asleep while using things like spreadsheets. Maybe special biometric sensors on the keys or touch screens that detect oncoming snooze episodes. This should then trigger either the playing of 100db Mongolian Heavy Metal or sharp electric shocks. I probably needed both last night.

So yes I fell asleep at the keyboard. This brought the onset of a recurring dream coming back for another outing in my mind cinema. A dream I have had for probably 20 years now. It’s always the same. A great hill walk with friends ending up in a Bar. But this is no ordinary Bar. This one is carved into the base of a gigantic cliff face. No greenery just an environment of stones and cliff faces. Inside you get a traditional UK pub. Roaring fire. Dart Board. Landlord polishing his pint glasses. A chalk board listing today’s special food. It always ends as we get our gleaming glasses of Black Sheep Bitter. Again I woke last night with a jump with that same unnerving feeling. That dream is so real. Too real not to be a real memory. I just can’t recall where that Bar is. So as one side of my mind tries to find the errors on the ever so boring spreadsheet the other side churns through places I’ve visited trying to locate this elusive Cliff Face Bar.

The dream has become so engrained that this imaginary Bar is on my bucket list of places to visit. Just need to find it. I keep hoping that one day I will come across a photo of a place just like this. A dream that comes true. It could happen surely. Look at this Swiss Hotel (thanks To Trip Advisor for the photo)

Sadly this stunning place is not the dream location. But it gives hope. The same hope that one day all our dreams do start to come true. Those so missed special ones return into our life’s. But until that time let’s keep those dreams alive. Let’s make new dreams. Let’s live.

62 thoughts on “Dream Bar

  1. How bizarre – I have a memory of driving around somewhere I’m sure was Yorkshire / Cumbria way and stopping off for a pint and some grub in an old fashioned pub which in my mind, I keep thinking was back almost like in the bottom of a huge quarry. Nothing else for yonkers just stone / quarry and road leading to a pub in the middle.

    Mark says he has no clue what I’m on about but I have the same thing in that we’ve been there – not sure if it was during the foot and mouth outbreak.

    Also I’m curious about your dream waking you up with a start and uneasy feeling. Do you mind me asking whether something specific happens in the dream to make you jump up like that or do you just wake up with the feeling like it’s been there waiting for you to wake up?

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      1. Ooh how interesting. Really curious for you now though especially waking up a bit freaked out and startled. I have such lucid dreams mostly horrible night terrors but long since cracked the art of realising I’m dreaming, going “Hang on…” then testing to make sure I really am then letting it run away with me and seeing where we go.

        You’re probably just hitting a slight bump which once you get up enough to tip over it you’ll go OOOOOOOOOHHH YEAH!!!!! and it will seem the most simple, obvious thing once you realise it.

        Realise how flaky that might sound but it’s surprising how stuff we haven’t got time or the right frame of mind for catches up in our sleep.

        For a long while after my Dad died I was tortured by him rocking up every night in a horrible state and each time I had to shout – really shout at him to leave me alone and not keep coming back and doing all this to me every night.

        Took ages before one night he rocked up looking like he used to do (Burt Reynolds in Smokey and The Bandit – spitting imagine) on his way to the pub, all shiny and smelling of aftershave, burning cigarette and slight whiff of ale.

        Weirdest thing was we were in the old graveyard that just deserted and overgrown and I used to keep horses in a field behind as a kid. Hadn’t been to or thought of that place in a long while and then all of a sudden I’m there with my younger Dad who was telling me “I’ve tried to come see you before Lottie but you just weren’t ready and kept letting it frighten you. Not going to keep on and frighten you love I just had to wait until you were ready and your mind was in the right place”

        All that time I was shouting, swearing and telling him to leave me alone and then he thought “She won’t feel frightened in that old abandoned graveyard that looks like a scene from Michael Jackson’s Thriller. She loved it there with those horses I’ll meet her in the old Donkey’s Graveyard and she’ll be in a better frame of mind”

        On my life I never had another nightmare about him since. He just shows up to tell me random really useless things like “Here – Grand National winner next April” whilst holding out a picture of small grey Welsh pony. They don’t run in the National so what I’m supposed to do with that cryptic message from the other side is anyone’s guess haha!

        Tell you the mind, the conscious, unconscious and all the weird shit in-between is amazing 🙂

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  2. How many pubs can there be that serve Black Sheep Bitter??? (Gromit!)

    Have you asked any of the friends you were walking with??

    My bet would be the pub is not directly related to the cliff-face, but may have a cross connection? I don’t suppose one of your mates was called Cliff?? 🙂

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      1. He is an apology for a human being. Off to look for this news… s you say the papers bury stuff. The reporting and the way they trumpet and slant their own stories not to mention their stupid polls conducted amongst their own readership, like asking Hitler to investigate the holocaust could do with some censoring if you get me. Oh well..

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      2. Just watched a chap spout racist rubbish and talk about the Great White Replacement Theory. He went largely unchallenged. Then someone started talking about Britain having too much money in too few hands and they are constantly interrupted and hammered.

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      3. I feel the trolls are out in force. Thing is I personally have yet to speak to someone who thinks this is a good idea. Having said that on some comment threads on certain newspapers there is a fight back going on though.

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  3. The bar in the cliff side.. how unique . Oh I woke the day before with this unnerving feeling from a dream I wish I knew I was having but could not remember . Those dreams that keep reoccurring is defiantly something to figure out. I believe yours is of a happy time , a bar in a cliff side , friends . Sounds really nice. Hope you do get better sleep tonight . Following asleep at the keyboard is rough🙂

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      1. Oh that dream of yours was not a bad one . Let’s see how you described it . I can picture a quaint but country cozy lightly lit up with a warm fire in the middle. So yes not a bad dream at all .🙂 I hope you find this and fulfill your bucket list .

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  4. Nice post dear 😀.
    Your dream sounds like a calosh of things you injoyed your subconscious mind made as a safe place to relax, You’ve already been to those deferent places.


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  5. It’s weird how are dreams build places we visit so often we can remember past visits inside the current dream. Some of those places I’d rather not visit in real life, but others, it’d be nice. 🙂


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