I bet if I leaned on that hay bale it would end up rolling down the hill and smashing into my car like a guided missile.

During my life one of the truths I have leant repeatedly is – accidents happen. I am accident prone. Always have been. Always will be. Big ones. Small ones. Ones that hurt. Ones that make you laugh. Ones that get you into trouble. Ones that make you embarrassed. Ones that make you cry. Just too many to mention. Some notable ones include

  • Breaking my arm balancing on a stool. Then breaking my other arm within 3 hours of having the pot removed. Same Doctor had to put the new pot on who had taken just taken the old one off.
  • Dropping a toilet roll just bought from the shop and watching it unravel as it rolls down the High Street. The High Street was on a hill and I dropped it at its highest point.
  • Falling out of a window while trying to paint it.
  • The door on a temporary toilet jammed at a festival and it took an hour for me to be released.
  • Trying to hammer a hanging basket onto next doors fence and accidentally pushing most of the fence over.
  • Breaking my finger trying to put up a deck chair.
  • Using a staple gun and stapling my thumb to a piece of wood
  • Breaking my little toe when I accidentally kicked the toilet.
  • As a kid playing cricket on the back field and managing to hit the best stroke (shot) of my life straight through our toilet window. A wonder shot of 100 yards. Unfortunately Dad was on the toilet at the time. Thankfully my ‘a big boy did it and ran away’ excuse worked.
  • Managed to get a pea stuck up my nose. Staggeringly our son did the same thing many years later.
  • Split my leggings a third of the way up a 4 hour cliff climb. The climbers below are still in counselling after all those years.
  • I saved up for a new watch. Within 5 minutes of buying it I had tripped over and smashed the face.
  • I was trying to pull my trousers up after using the cramped toilet on a speeding French TGV. Unfortunately I lost balance and exploded out through the toilet door and into the crowded carriage. Busting my head open as my hands were still desperately trying to pull the trousers up past my knees. The international shame.

So accidents happen. All you can do is try to smile and learn from them. Mostly no ones fault. They just happen.

Our Son asked if he could borrow my Tablet to play the chess app. After a few minutes the mad dog jumped on him and started licking him. In the confusion our Son forgot about the Tablet and must have rolled on it. A few minutes later we had a very bent piece of tech. Quite a bit of the touch screen is knackered and beyond repair. The poor kid was mortified. I’m so pleased I didn’t shout or be in any way angry. I know accidents happen. Thankfully he cheered up eventually. Re-telling the French Train Toilet incident helped. It shows that I didn’t intend to bare my buttocks but all I had done was not anticipate a particularly bumpy track section and a crap door. It’s life and things are sent to test us.

So I will make the best of a broken tablet until I can save up for a new one (or a refurbished one). Sorry in advance if you get some strange spellings on my posts of from my comments – the on screen keyboard is now possessed and rather random. Very apt that it’s Halloween. When the new one comes I will make sure that before either of us use it that it’s enclosed in a protective case. Because accidents can and will happen.

44 thoughts on “Accidents happen

  1. I do wholeheartedly agree with you. I too am accident prone. Falling, tripping, breaking things and causing damage while trying to fix things is my life story. So laugh and take it in your stride. BTW, all my devices have heavy duty casings, just in case…. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜›๐Ÿคช

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  2. Oh dear! Sorry to hear about your tablet! But you’re right, accidents DO happen! Well done on taking the high ground with such a calm attitude to this one!
    Some of the others you listed sound terribly painful….but they sure did give me a good giggle since I’ve had some similar accidents myself ๐Ÿ˜›๐Ÿ˜‰

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  3. I winced at #7, but probably not as much as the lower climbers did in #11 !

    You did brilliantly with the bent tablet incident! ๐Ÿ™‚ Good parenting does not happen by accident!

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  4. Oh… That was a good laugh with you. Commiserations on the tablet, but you handled it so well. I think clutzes like me, who even in my dote age, have still got an accident prone streak, can identify with your list. Broke my arms four times as a kid and I have tried to fly on staircases more times than I want to remember. Most embarrassing… I think with all the CCTV around these days, I shall eventually end up on a TV show documenting the ‘Stupid things that people do…’

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  5. There are certain delicate glass or pottery things I will not wash by hand for fear or dropping or breaking them.
    I always manage to do that it seems and always end up cutting myself in the process.

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  6. Oh bummer! Sorry about your tablet. I had an accident today too – trying to get an old couch to the curb for “big trash day” (it’s a real thing) I tried rolling it down the side yard only to have the couch fall into my car and leave a monster dent in the front side of the car. The boys were with me. I wanted to yell and cry at the same time I was so upset but held it together. You’re right – accidents happen!

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  7. Yes accidents do happen. I did notice quite a few of yours involved toilets – just an observation. Haha. I hope there wasn’t any damage to your car and I hope you’re able to get a new tablet soonest. The haunting has apparently begun and the phantom trickster has been at work around your place. Hopefully that is the end of it.

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  8. Iโ€™m alway burning myself or dropping things on me. ๐Ÿ™„ if only I could count how many times I have dropped my phone. Last phone cracked it good. Accidents happen a part of life . I tend to just shake it off my shoulder . Iโ€™m happy you did with your son . But Iโ€™m not surprised your such a good dad ! Hugs๐Ÿ™‚

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