It’s time to try and lighten the mood.

Let’s go for a bit of Terrible Poetry hosted by the wonderful Chelsea Owens. This week is the 50th Contest. The rules are

  1. The Topic is FIFTY!
  2. The Length is FIFTY WORDS!
  3. Rhyming is not necessary. It’s already difficult enough to write only 50 words, Daddy-o.
  4. The terribleness is fifty -I mean, Make it terrible! 50-year-old members of the 50+ community will want to deluge you with 50 minutes of 50 historical events from 1969 (50 years ago).
  5. Let’s keep the Rating at PG or cleaner, by golly!

You have till 8:00 a.m. MST next Friday (November 8) to submit a poem to Chelsea.


I promised to get Blancmange into this weeks poem before we knew the subject. Oh dear.


I like Blancmange but it has more than 50 calories

I have 50 really annoying allergies

I only have 50 hairs on my sad old head

Can’t get any sleep on my 50 quid bed

No money so have to be thrifty

Bugger I feel like I am over FIFTY

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