It’s been a while since we arrived in Strasbourg on our Creaky World Tour.

Let’s see how far around the world I can get only powered by my battered old stationary exercise bike, dog walking and local runs. As my fitness tracker has died I will be using a suitable alternative for the distance calculations – Pokemon Go. So might even catch a few Pokemon on the way.

Since the 16th September my battered body has recorded the following distances.

Exercise Bike – 528km

Walking – 125km

Running – 205km

That’s a grand total of 858km.

The first stop off point is to Kitzbuhel. That’s 490km. That’s Kitzbuhel in Austria. It’s on my bucket list. Just once I would love to go to the famous Downhill Ski Race here. The Hahnenkamm. It’s just about the most demanding course on the world circuit. Every year I sit in front on the TV with my mug of coffee and watch the brave skiers fly down this scary rollercoaster at speeds of up to 142km/h (88mph). We also play a game. Who is the first person to spot Arnold Schwarzenegger in the crowd. Thanks to the Red Bull and Zimbio websites for the photos.

So we have a bit more distance left in the tank and with a fair wind we can just about reach beautiful Vienna. That’s a trip of 370km.

Vienna is the capital of Austria and has been ranked the city with the highest quality of life in the world. Its been top for the last ten years (Mercer Quality of Living Survey). It was just about my partners favourite city. She would often reminisce about going to the wonderful Vienna State Opera House (Staatsoper). Thank you to and for the photos.

54 thoughts on “Creaky World Tour 5

      1. It was! When you spend that amount of time somewhere, you pretty much get to see everything. I’m sure you’ll get to visit it at some point and you won’t be disappointed.

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    1. As an Austrian who is currently living in the other side of the world, I can heartily recommend you go to Vienna if you can. It’s the kind of place that you can almost drown in the wealth of history and culture.

      It’s why so many of my own blog posts are set in the Vietnam region

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  1. I’ve never been to anywhere in Europe. I would love to do so at some point! I want to visit different places where people speak languages other than English. There are so many.

    Thank you for this tour. It’s such a wonderful idea.

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  2. As a student back in 1975 and backpacking through Europe on a $1 A day budget, my wife and I scraped our spare change and got rush tickets to a performance at the Staatsoper. We slept in a park in Vienna overnight because we had no idea where to go after the performance. Best choice we made while visiting Vienna.

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