Before we just focused our holidays on beautiful Switzerland we had trips to France. Some great times. Times before our son. Times before grief rode in. Times even before digital. So occasionally I’m going to do turn the clock back to the start of this century. Go down memory lane.

This was a long weekend trip. A car trip from Yorkshire to the Loire Valley. We pre booked the accommodation but didn’t quite expect to be staying in a mini chateau.

Even before brexit the English always received a warm welcome in France.

Inside was just staggering. I was under strict orders. ‘Don’t touch anything in case you knock it over’.

The chateau stood next to the Loire River.

It must have been hot. No jumper.

Why the long weekend. Why the 620 mile drive. To watch the French Grand Prix at Magny-Cours.

Not the greatest of views but the budget had been blown on the accommodation and petrol. It was hot. Mid to high thirties. Wow it was noisy.

The race was won by the great Michael Schumacher.

52 thoughts on “France 1

  1. Wow! Beautiful accommodations. The ex and I used to go to the local races before we had our first daughter. He worked as a mechanic and his boss’s son raced. Not very well😂 It was a little 1/8 mile oval, like NASCAR only local.
    Fun memories. Thank you for sharing yours and reminding me of mine. When bad things happen its difficult to remember the good sometimes

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  2. Love it! “We pre booked the accommodation but didn’t quite expect to be staying in a mini chateau.” I totally remember the pre computer days where you weren’t quite sure what you signed up for – no pictures, just hope that it wasn’t a dump. And I laughed at what your strict instructions were 🙂

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