It’s Sunday so it must be a Swiss Sunday. It’s my little tribute to that beautiful country.

I had a completely different set of photos lined up. Proper high alpine ones. But this week I’ve had one image in my head. It’s featured in a few late night dreams. No mountain landscape here. Just one house balcony. The house is in Spiez. It’s on a lovely little street behind the towns Schloss (castle). At least once on every trip we would have to walk past the house. On the house balcony there are a couple of human size fantasy models. Son loves them.

Drag yourself away from fantasy Middle Earth and you quickly get views like these.

Then it’s a view across the Lake.

Spiez is such a beautiful town. Sandwiched between the mountains and Lake Thun.

51 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. I would have been tempted to do something morally and criminally wrong if I’d seen that balcony😈. I am SUCH a LOTR nerd! My daughters make fun of me whenever we would watch the movies and I’d be giving a commentary about what changed and the history behind some of the places and events.🙊🙄🤐

    Yep! It is better if I am never tempted. I guess my Swiss visits will have to remain virtual😉

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  2. What beautiful pictures!!! Thank you for sharing them. I wish I had gotten to Switzerland, among other places. I did make it to France once, when one of my company’s vendors invited me for a convention, but that’s the only time I got to Europe. Thanks for this beautiful armchair tour!

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