I love this part of the run. It’s such a lovely view and ITS NOW DOWNHILL for 10 minutes. At my age that’s almost as good as life gets…..

I needed that downhill section. My spirit was flagging. Mainly because of politics again. The once impartial BBC announced proudly over the radio airwaves that Boris Johnson is a family man and he’s backed it up by promising a new 60 youth centres. Unfortunately the BBC failed to mention for some reason that since 2010 the Conservative Government has effectively closed 763 youth centres. Funny that wasn’t mentioned. I must sort out my MP3 player so I don’t need to listen to these falsehoods anymore.

Twenty minutes later I was having a lovely chat with a helpful Road Worker.

“You can’t come down here the road is closed”

But I’m not in a car I’m on foot

The road is still closed”

I can see the Road Closed Sign but I don’t see any signage saying the Path is closed.

“Well it is”

Looks open to me

Well I say it isn’t.”

Does the highways order cover the pathway.

I bloody don’t know. I’m telling you the path is closed. You need to go back.”

You haven’t even put up any advanced closure signs.

Don’t get clever with me. Your going back the same way you came.”

As much as I’m enjoying chatting to you I am getting cold and very bored now. Your closure doesn’t include the path and it certainly doesn’t include the field. So see yah…

** at this stage I jumped over the fence into the farmers field and ran past the purple faced road worker. He seemed to be giving me some friendly hand gestures.**


You get pivotal moments in time. In Middle Earth it would be the Battle of Helms Deep. In Sherlock Holmes it would be the Reichenbach Falls. In Marvel it would be End Game. In our house it’s when a certain Dad tries to bake an Apple Crumble. Years of trying and years of disastrous failure. Now it’s that pivotal moment in time again.

Dad did you make this Apple Crumble ?


All by yourself. Your not pretending you cooked it but actually it’s my aunties baking.

No all my own doing.

Unbelievably Dad this is actually nice. Never thought I ever would say this but can I have seconds.

So in the scheme of things for an old fart useless muppet life doesn’t get any better than running downhill and baking an edible apple crumble. It really doesn’t.

70 thoughts on “Road Closed Monday

  1. Such humour and the conversation with the road worker would have been something that I would have done, in fact I would probably just walked past him without jumping the fence but it was a good way out of the situation.
    There are a lot of jobsworths about today I think and it really is crazy.
    Good luck on your continuing journey and I certainly wouldn’t say that you are useless, not everyone can bake an apple pie just as not everyone can bring up children in the circumstances that you are doing.
    Well done.

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  2. I agree about the BBC, so unprepared to challenge Conservatives or Brexiteers… so unwilling to listen to the others, in particular the Greens.

    Stoopid jobsworth roadworks man.

    My apple crumble is going down very very well with my kids at the moment. Long may it last.

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  3. You should have taken one of your old style apple crumble and some milk of magnesia ice cream down to that nice road worker that was so helpful in giving you directions home. 😂😂 Maybe tomorrow when it’s not so hot out.


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  4. Reading the exchange, I just KNEW you’d hop into the field! It’s the smart thing to do.
    And great news about your apple crumble. My son loves the crumble part but not so much the apple so nowadays we make “Crumble Crumble” aka we leave out the fruit.

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      1. Haha! Nah! Still wrong. I’m doing better. My thyroid has been acting up and I’ve developed anemia. So we’re trying to get that under control, but only time will tell. There’s nothing but medication that can help.
        How are you? How’s your son?! Have missed reading your stories. And I’m so glad you’ve gotten so much better at baking! 😊🙌🏽 that’s amazing

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      2. Ugh! I’m fighting that same fight. My 5 year old is showing early signs of dyslexia, her teacher continues to be dismissive of that and so now she cries each morning not wanting to go. I have a meeting scheduled this Thursday with the school and then I need to schedule one with the teacher. There are great teachers out there, but then we have a few that are not willing to help far more than their paychecks allow. It’s beyond frustrating.

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      3. No, they haven’t mentioned any of that. Thank you for letting me know. I’ll call her insurance tomorrow and find out. And even then, dealing with insurance companies is a headache. I meet tomorrow with the school counselor to let her know what is going on.

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  5. I think politics everywhere is a sh*tshow right now. Over here, across the pond, we are trying to figure out just how corrupt our president is. Fun.


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