Today I am officially stuck in the WordPress mud. Just goes to show you should never tempt fate – yesterday I said that it had improved as it was now working in third gear. Clearly it was speeding up towards the cliff.

Recently I have been struggling to like and post on a number of sites. Some sites which I still receive comments from are listed as deleted. Yet others work fine. This was happening on both the website and the app. Now it’s gone into WP meltdown today. Most blogs are not loading correctly and making any comments is clearly as rare as my football team winning any silverware. Domestically that would be 1955…. even pre dating me.

I was trying to think of a better word combination for WP than WordPress. Maybe







So it’s the dreaded complete reinstall and resetting of WP. If I disappear – SORRY. But I will return when my technical experts – The Gerbils – restore connections to the outside world again. This could take minutes or years….

Wish us luck.

43 thoughts on “Stuck in the WP mud

  1. Oh, yuck. I’ve been there! I didn’t get much help from the experts. I spent a lot of time on Google, who told me to clear my cookies. I did and I was back in action. Good luck to you!

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  2. Someone else said all their comments had been removed but were now back. I can generally only get my posts to load on Chrome and like that I often get asked to sign in then get told I do not have an account despite it showing me my account

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