Another day and yes more rain. It’s been that wet for weeks we have new streams starting to form. More rain it will get bigger. A couple of dry days and it will be gone. It’s survival is on a knife edge.

Yesterday two things happened which got me thinking.

  • I went for a run in the rain and the mud. It was actually great fun. Had the forest and hills to myself. For a few minutes I felt connected to nature again. So good for the soul and it helped lift the veil which has shrouded me for days. After a couple of miles I encountered a steep downward muddy bank. Combination of my rubbish well worn trail shoes and trying to run to fast – quickly I slipped. Who needs a toboggan when you have a butt like mine. I slid at an alarming rate for about 30 yards. Somehow missed some alarmingly large boulders.
  • While trying to give the dog another bath. He is just a mud magnet at the moment. I slipped on the wet bathroom floor. Went down with a violent bang. Really cracked my head, my back and my knee. Luckily apart from some bruises no damage. But for a few seconds I was crumpled up on the floor pretty sure I must have broken something.

Both of these incidents could have ended up oh so differently. Fine margins.

So many of us live survive on fine margins. Operating without a safety net. Knife edge budgets. Parents or carers with no support and no cover. People trying to balance multiple jobs while maintaining a family life. People needing care but with insufficient support. People becoming increasingly isolated from society with wafer thin social connections. People battling odds stacked against them.

Life is always about fine margins. Many people will understand this.

My parenting support net was ruptured three years ago. Suddenly it was parenting and caring on a knife edge. No one else there for our son. I’ve got the ball and I just can’t drop it. I have to be there for him. But what happens if one day I don’t miss that large boulder or the bathroom floor is less forgiving. Forgive the language but the answer is – we are screwed.

But in the great scheme of things – we are lucky. So far we have managed. Yes money is very tight but we are stable. Far too many good people have fallen on the wrong side of the knife edge.

One worrying trend paints this picture. In Britain the use of Food Banks has gone from a few thousand food parcels issued in 2010 to millions of emergency hand outs in 2019. But here’s the rub. The Government has washed its hands of the problem.

Our Home Secretary said “You can’t blame the Government for poverty”

The vile Michael Gove helpfully pointed out that families who survive on handouts from Food Banks only have themselves to blame because they were “unable to manage their finances”.

Both of these characters will earn a minimum £142,000 a year. £142k was an amount our Prime Minister said that he struggled to live on. On top of that modest BASIC income they will top it up further. In the case of the Home Secretary she was also working as a strategic advisor to a Communications Company. Her poverty wage for that job was paid at £1000 per hour. They don’t have the first clue about the real world and what it’s like to be on a knife edge.

So yes we are fortunate as a family. But we are so aware that many are in a far worse place. Its all about fine margins. One unforeseen incident and suddenly we lurch to the wrong side of the edge. That is such a sobering thought.

67 thoughts on “Knife edge

  1. After my ex left, my pregnant older daughter, my teen younger daughter and my disabled no income self were “sliced, diced & made into julienne fries” by that knife’s edge.
    Unfortunately, I know true hunger. I know about trying to put enough pennies together for a loaf of bread. It had NOTHING to do with mismanagement of funds.🤬

    We’re all good now. Good-ish… If the government stopped my SSDI (federal disability) I’d be in a mess. If I was hospitalized, older daughter couldn’t work because she relies on me to keep Ben safe while she works.

    No net… but life is like that anyway, isnt it?! Its why my daughters and I always say “love you” when we part…even for a 10 minute walk to the corner market.

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  2. Yes, no clue the government and they are to blame. Benefits changed which equals people lost money, which then went onto more foodbanks.
    Until I got my second job, I had money worries.
    I used to have DLA, but lost it when it changed to PIP. Their fault. Not mine. My disabilities which was my deafness that I originally got it for remains the same, or slightly worse.

    Other people lost their DLA for other disabilities, or more, their mobility car.
    My friend nearly lost his mobility car and was at appealing stage until turned round before on. Unecessary worry and stress he did not need.

    Government don’t care as long as their pockets are lined ok.
    They say they understand and struggle on their wage, but they go to posh resturants and hotels. They wine and dine. We’d all be happy with their wage and wouldn’t struggle one bit.

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  3. Don’t even get me started on the arrogant, rich MFs. You have assholes like FDR that unhinged us from the gold standard (followed by Nixon, unhinging us from Bretton-Woods) and they want to point the finger at us for financial malfeasance? I don’t f***ing think so.

    This country is going to be in a heap of s*** if our gov decides that they don’t care what happens to the masses. A very large portion are armed to the teeth. Our glorious leaders will have to hide. Even the regular military members don’t like them.

    Things are poised to get interesting, soon. Our Fed has lost its mind…

    I feel for you. I’m on a thin line, too.

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    1. It feels like our country is brewing for a real meltdown. Sadly I think the meltdown will hurt so many good people but the bad will find a way to keep their lifestyle. Here the media is controlled by the few who trot out the BS which the elite come out with. Too many fall for it. You still here it’s in the Newspaper so it must be true.


      1. Yeah. We have the same problem. Mainstream news is controlled. The good news is, there are many alternative journalists and bloggers that get the real information out and show where the MSM is lying.

        The whole planet is headed for a meltdown.

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  4. Absolutely true. We live on a knufe’s edge too. Hubby in a wheelchair caring for me who is blind and in a wheelchair. No social network whatsoever. No social service care (“You have got your husband to care for you,” they said when assessing me: but he is disabled and sick too and falls a lot). I think the lack of a safety net is just SO frightening. One mirnung we got a call drom hubby’s doctor saying he needed to go into hospital imnediately as a blood test indicated that he had a blood clot. He might die. Hubby refused to go, saying there was no one to care for me and I could not manage alone. Social Services were rung but they said they would put me on the list for an assessment but ut woukd take a few weeks. I was at the bottom of the waiting list. Hubby did not go into hospital. Thus was a few weeks ago. So far he hasn’t died. We have no friends or support at all. Even the priest from what was our church refused to come saying he was “Too busy.” So there you go! It is a terrible situation in our country right now, and I know and hear yoyr struggle Gary. Yoy do great. You really do. I admire you so much. But who to vite for in the Election? BAH! No choice whatsoever. What’s the point of voting?

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  5. You did make me smile re that skid. But I totally get where you are coming from. It is so hard for people who are sole carers, sole parents. Entire support systems getting none themselves. I don’t even want to get started today on the things I often do and the terrible way these people like Gove think, . I will get into a hulk like rage I know I will. So breathing deep.

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      1. It is awful. They have something there I saw re plans to re do benefits or something. I cannae mind the exact wording but no-one is picking it up. They are bastards every last one of them AND alas the opposition is ballsing it right left and centre in every way. Read a very good article in one of papers up here yesterday on this being the kind of situ that led to that muppet getting in in the US. On paper a moron like that should have been banished to the outer regions but the opposition failed to appeal, the failed to get their act properly together and that is happening here.

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      2. I as reading another article earlier re the fact that the percentages for leave and remain have shifted but alas such is the opposition it is playing right into Bozo’s barrow. THAT is what appalls me.

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  6. I think I need to correct you- I received a leaflet from our local Conservative candidate (Harriet Baldwin) and she assured me that we are 10% better off than we were 5 years ago ‘in real terms’. I am somewhat puzzled by this though, as I work for Local Government and our pay was frozen for some years, then we got a gracious 1% pay rise for a couple of years followed by a princely 2%…doesn’t add up to 10%!!

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  7. I got so mad reading your post Gary! That twat Gove needs to be strung up and all his cronies with him. TPTB have no concept of the real world, real people, real lives, and yet expect us, the people, to vote for their lies, cutbacks and ineptitude. I’d so love to see them ALL out of a job or struggling on the minimum wage…… with no benefits to help them as have been denied to so many deserving people.

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  8. I’m glad you weren’t seriously hurt, though both slips sound nasty.

    It bothers me considerably that many voters do not see the likes of the politicians mentioned in your post for what they are.

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