Last week we left our Swiss Sunday trip travelling up the Funicular to the top of of the Niesen.

The Niesen is called Switzerland’s Pyramid.

If I remember correctly I promised you some stunning mountain top views. Well here goes.

It overlooks the beautiful Lake Thun.

With one of the Worlds most imposing mountain ranges, The Alps dominating in the opposite direction. Including breathtaking views of The Eiger.

Bizarrely the literal translation of Niesen is sneeze.

It’s also a favourite visiting spot for some very brave individuals.

On top our son had a blast of a time. So many dreams. And the first snow he had been able to touch in over a year.

60 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. First snow! That’s awesome.

    Tell me, is there ever snow in your parts of England? Like, enough to stick around and look pretty for a few days or weeks? All I ever hear from the British peeps is about the endless rain…

    Just wondering. 🙂

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  2. Your photos are stunning. Our eldest son lives in Nylon, Switzerland, and regularly goes off on his own camping in the mountains.
    Your little boy is beautiful.

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      1. We haven’t been yet but hoping to go in the summer, all being well. He’s only recently moved to Nyon and lived at Blonay for a number of years before that.

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