Now that’s how you do a huddle.


Spelling has never been one of my specialities. So not a lot of help to a dyslexic son trying to memorise 15 words in the hope of getting at least 10 correct to avoid a school punishment. Now that’s a way to spend a Sunday. The approach Son has gone for is to break the words up into little words and the try to do a memory photograph of each little word in order.

Alliteration – ALL IT ERA TI ON

Advertisement – AD VER TI SEM ENT

Exaggeration – EX AG GE RAT I ON

It’s not the way I would try but his brain is wired up differently to mine. It delivered 11 out of 15 correct spellings last week. Which is fantastic. What’s frustrating is that it’s such a waste of energy. He can’t read or write any of the ones he got right just 7 days ago. Its achieving nothing. In a couple of weeks he is unlikely to remember any of these spellings. It’s not specifically tailored to help him read or to improve his writing or develop his knowledge or add to his independence or boost his confidence. It’s just about ticking a Government tick box. It’s the Government mantra. Even this week the PMs Dad callee the public illiterate as they probably even couldn’t spell Pinocchio.


It’s times like this I really miss my partner. Maybe she would come up with a better solution. A way out of this educational quagmire. She certainly would be lifting all our spirits. She was brilliant at that. Making the world seem so much brighter than it should be. More hopeful. Making sure everyone is feels secure and warm inside. That’s what love is.


It’s a new world now and you just have to make the best of it. Face up to the challenges which come your way. Learn to appreciate the small things in life again. Don’t be afraid to smile again.


Like watching the massed ranks of birds coming for their morning breakfast. How the larger birds wait until the little birds have had first crack. Must be some particularly fearsome little chaps..

Thankfully the Birds are happy to get stuck into another failed bread making venture. The humans in the house certainly wouldn’t risk it.


Or smiling at the thought of that Amazon Delivery Mans face as he stood at the door waiting for us to answer. Looking at the pair of my underpants – frozen solid discarded on the path. Yes the dog still has a thing about socks and pants.

Or laughing at what the Delivery Man has brought us. A parcel containing a plate and cutlery set. Thinking this is much smaller and lighter than expected. Only to discover that bargain kitchen set was in fact a Kids Kitchen Dishes Playset. Thankfully we are not entertaining anytime soon. Dad is definitely a


Or even the sight of a really happy dog ripping apart a newly delivered election pamphlet from the Conservative Party. I’m sure it was full of lots of truthful facts and had absolutely stunning photos of our esteemed leader. To be fair our PM permanently looks well chewed.


51 thoughts on “The Huddle

  1. A kitchen play set? That’s great😂 You can have very small meals and not feel bad about having second or even third helpings.

    It may not be your fault. My daughter ordered a Christmas Theme scrub top (she’s a nurse) and got a nightgown. So she did the thing to say she didnt want it and got the return code…whatever. She re-ordered the scrub top and got the nightgown again. Something is wrong at Amazon’s site or the warehouse or something.

    So, it might not have been your mistake. Good for a chuckle either way.

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  2. Your partner sounds like she was a beautiful person. I love that kind of spirit wherein any situation she can find the silver lining. We need more people like that in this upside-down world. She is right; the simple things are what matters the most. Hahaha, I love your dog and the silly things he does.

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  3. You turn sadness into laughter. That’s an amazing gift. I am dyslexic, and have to read my posts 20 or more times, and I still miss the was instead of saw.

    My granddaughter can’t tell the time, or make change, and she is 15. Took her GSCE’s, or whatever they are called now, and failed them all. She has to do them again next year.

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  4. My husband bought an inflatable couch once when we he was going out on a camping trip. When it came time to blow up the thing was the size of one leg – it was meant for toys to sit on. Never did live that one down (thankfully as it is always good for a laugh – he really was so excited before he actually saw it. Thought he had reached “genius” status for getting a couch). I like your son’s attack plan on learning the words. May not stick but hey, it’s a plan.

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  5. Sounds like your son has found how he learns best and if it achieves the goal of passing the test, don’t worry about what will be remembered next week. He knows you are behind him, that’s all that matters! Many children don’t have that!

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