Over the last month or so sunsets have sadly been at a premium in Yorkshire.

But when they do make an appearance they are often stunning.

As grim and frustrating as a day may have been just one moment can lift the spirits. An unexpected smile, a compliment, someone showing that they care, a loving hug or in this case a brief piece of natural theatre. I really hope everyone finds at least one of those moments today.

44 thoughts on “Sunset

  1. Absolutely stunning photos of the sunset, thanks for sharing them. It’s true it is the smallest of things that can help our spirits soar. For me, right at this moment, it is reading your words and seeing your photos. And I am grateful to you.

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  2. Gorgeous! I was looking at the moon thinking it looks so small. I had to look up the latitude of where you are. Wow! Approximately 54°N. I’m way down at 32°N, no wonder the moon looks smaller. I’ll bet it HUGE in the summer though.

    Thank you for sharing a small moment of wonder and awe!

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      1. Hell, depends on the level of insomnia. But it’s not about that cos we have these cold dark days here where the sun rises like at 8.30 in the morning and sets at 4. I mean today heading off to get the wee man and take him to school I didn’t know if it was frosty, it was that dark looking outside, to know forsure I’d have had to go out there but I thought not right now, Bottom line? You okay? xx

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      2. We are not quite as dark on a morning. When I go out to defrost the heap of metal it’s just starting to light up. It’s just so bloody grey most days. Sons off with ear ache today so bang goes a Christmas shopping day. Any more missed opportunities and he’s probably getting whatever the petrol station has in. Kids love engine oil and air fresheners. Are you doing anything special over Christmas. xx

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      3. Yeah these dark mornings are awful, dark afternoons too. My girls, their hubbies and babbas will be here on Xmas Day. Plenty food, plenty vino, plenty party games, mainly for the the wee man. Should be a good day. Not forgetting the rocky road x

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