A largely sleepless night. Too much time to think. World seeming particularly cold this morning. In need of a lift. For some reason the run didn’t work today. Just a freezing slog. A slow 30 minutes and then the motivation battery completely drained. So back home even colder and still in need of a lift.

But then salvation. Old photographs. Memories. Great Memories.

Back to 2001 which finds us in the Loire.

Chateau de Chenonceau was built over the River Cher in 1576. It’s French Renaissance Architecture at at finest. The chateau has a fine collection of masterpieces, tapestries and renaissance furniture. The long Grand Gallery stretches over the bridge and across the river. It’s a stunning place. Inside and outside.

As much as the chateau brings back great memories one photograph lifted my spirits. It reminds me how truly blessed I was to spend time with this special person. Always in love. That makes me smile.

77 thoughts on “A little bit of France

  1. We went to that exact chateaux!! And I am pretty sure the year was 2001. Imagine if we’d been there the exact same day and passed each other without knowing.
    Such a precious photo. Thank you so much for chatting it.

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    1. *sharing it
      I’ve no idea what’s going on with autocorrect these days. I’d turn it off but then my spelling would be too bad. Funny that, all that emphasis on spelling for your son and so many of us grown adults manage fine in the world with bad spelling skills.

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  2. You too? I had the worst time sleeping last night. It took many minutes to get my eyes to open in the shower this morning and realize where I was. Uggh. Hate sleepless nights. LOVE the photos – so beautiful. Such a great smile.

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  3. Such a smile! No wonder you fell in love with her.
    Can we see your smile?

    I just got done with a wave of grief so debilitating…I don’t like that. But the wave has subsided now so I can process what happened.

    Hugs to you.

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