A while back we started the Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson Award for services to numpties and overall nastiness.

We haven’t awarded a Boris in a while. Almost too many candidates to consider but today’s winner just went that little extra mile. Meet Sally Anne Heart the Conservative candidate for Hastings & Rye.

Sally has some interesting views. But just one needs special attention.

Sally believes that Disabled People and People with Learning Disabilities should be paid less money because ‘they Don’t Understand Money’.

Shame on any person from the constituency who votes for this candidate. Shame on Boris Johnson for allowing these views to come from his party. And shame on the media for completely ignoring this.

66 thoughts on “Boris Award.

  1. I’ve seen at least one newspaper article on this as well as your blog post – let’s hope all the negative publicity scuppers her chances of being elected.

    I’m self-employed and set my own hourly rate, but as a disabled person I am offended and appalled that this woman thinks it’s ok to treat disabled people as second-class citizens in this way.

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  2. Alright already… Ashton Kutcher, come out. We’re done with this elaborate set up. You did a great job, now please, end it.

    We’re being punk’d right? There’s no other logical explanation. This cant be really happening. WTF?!?!🤬

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  3. Word’s fail me. She manages to combine nastiness and stupidity in a manner that beggars belief.

    And the fact that she is standing for a party that used to take itself seriously goes to show just how low the UK’s politics have sunk.

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      1. To be honest, I haven’t any faith in Corbyn either. I don’t think he has the strength to govern the country. I’m moving to Narnia – vote Aslan! 🙌

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