Dad we have an end of term Drama assessment tomorrow. It’s basically a spelling test. Have to learn words like Melodrama, Facial Expressions, Villains, Exaggeration, Storyline, heroic and conclusion. No wonder Im in the bottom set if they only judge kids on spelling.

The ironic thing is that the Dyslexic pupil is getting higher marks than many of the other kids in the test he is being set up to fail in. Plus I’ve said it before – isn’t Drama supposed to be about creativity. What’s creative about spelling Melodrama. Maybe the creativity is finding different ways to misspell words.

MELODRAMA – melonram, meltorama, melodyarm, mouldyfarm, mellowdram

The worlds a melodrama.

A world where a PM driving a forklift truck is deemed more newsworthy than young children spending hours on the floor of

underfunded hospital’s because no beds are available. How a PM can walk past a homeless man sleeping rough and SMILE. So many countries run by liars and self serving buffoons. How a teenager with Aspergers is vilified for standing up for the planet. How so many societies are descending into hatred and violence. Where it’s open season on minority groups.

Photo from Inside Croydon

On days like this part of me is relieved my partner is not hear to see this. To see what has become of our country, our world over the last three years. She would be devastated.

And then your see a beautiful sunset over a little church which has been around for hundreds of years. In those brief moments before the darkness falls you see hope and you see a reason to fight. If enough good people see this then the day of reckoning will soon come for those who abuse their power and abuse their position.

When that day comes the melodrama will centre on the facial expressions of the villains as they are brought to justice. It’s no exaggeration to say that will be a storyline which has taken far too long to come to his heroic conclusion.


This went down a route I wasn’t expecting. Like many people in the UK we are going down with election cabin fever. Clinging to hope yet fearing the upcoming darkness which may befall our country tomorrow night.

60 thoughts on “Melodrama

  1. I could understand having to know what they mean, but spelling? Who cares? Geez Louise, that’s frustrating. How could he just walk past that man and smile? Also frustrating. It is a beautiful sunset picture – that is nice. Not frustrating.

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  2. The photos were stunning – one for its beauty and hope, the other for its cruelty. The second one would have felled me had it not been for the first. We must cling to hope. Praying for Britain. Praying for you and your son.

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  3. Fingers crossed that UK sees reason and shows US that enough is enough already!
    If it isnt done soon at the ballot box, I’m afraid more drastic measures are in the future for both our countries and that’s just bad for everyone.

    Yes, sunsets, flowers, trees… hope🙏

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      1. Off at a tangent, a friend joked to me yesterday that I now come from Bluecar…. on the other hand, the Tory increase throughout the country was actually only 300,000 in comparison to 1 million+ increase for the Lib Dems. As far as I can see, that’s not the huge endorsement the number of seats suggest.

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      1. Well that’s terrifying.

        Granted, the tales of British boarding schools (as portrayed by Michael Palin in RIPPING YARNS, of course) are the stuff of horror tales, surely, but…c’mon. You can’t get much lazier than the American education system.

        NOT BASHING THE TEACHERS, to be clear. More like the philosophy of entitlement it fosters in students, basically setting them up to fail.

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