Still not what you would call postcard Christmas weather yet. This is lunchtime. Having said that how often do we get the crispy white stuff at Christmas anyway in North Yorkshire. In the 17 years we have lived here I can only remember one White Christmas. However I can remember many like the photo above.

When I was a kid I remember one really heavy snow Christmas Day. I remember sinking to my belly and my wellies filling up with crisp snow. Can also remember Dad going out before lunch to join a number of other men trying to clear the footpath. He told me it was so that the kids could get to school. Strange as the school was shut for another week. It was also strange that the cleared path went in the opposite direction to my school. Bizarrely the men stopped when they reached the pub. Can’t think why.

Our son’s school has now broken up for Christmas. So if it does snow I won’t need to worry about clearing a path towards it. One thing I do need to worry about is another little tradition of ours. How to keep the pets off the Christmas Tree.

The cat likes to try and sleep in it’s branches.

He is a very big boy, our biggest cat

That is how his Vet described him. So he doesn’t make the best tree climber. We usually find the tree toppled over with a slightly confused cat underneath it. Then we have the mad dog. Captain Chaos loves a tree. So much so that he likes to try and relocate it to his dog bed. This normally results in the tree toppled over which makes it so much easier for the mutt to pull it. Lord knows what Team Gerbil would do to it.

So my chair has to be relocated next to the tree. So I can sit and basically fight off unwarranted pet tree attention. It’s only a matter of time before the tree is toppled over and I am underneath it. Bet I would get the blame for that. That thought brings a smile. When I was 5 or 6 my family would put a real tree up in the living room. The family comprised mum and dad, my brother, three sisters and a very big dog. A dog who once bit the postman and then bit the local bobby (policeman) who came to ask dad to better control his pet. The tree would be filled to the brim with decorations. Prize of place on the tree would be these little silver paper wrapped chocolates. Either in the shape of Santa or an Elf. From Christmas Day onwards we were allowed to have one chocolate decoration a day. But this particular Christmas someone helped themselves to a decoration early. Three days in a row. Unbelievably I got blamed for it. Then on Christmas day the real culprit was caught in the act. The dog. I’m still waiting for my apology.

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49 thoughts on “Christmas Diaries 2

  1. Between the Big Dumb Dog’s tail, the rescue yowling kitten and Ben, we have a tree that’s decorated at the top, but the bottom branches are bare. The tree skirt is usually half way across the room. All the ornaments are cheap plastic except the Very Special and they’re at the tippy top. The kitten climbed and got a plastic ball, the dog took it and chewed it. 🤷🏼‍♀️ no toppling yet (knock on wood). Our stand is about 2 feet in diameter so they’d have to be determined. I’ll post pics when it happens 🤣
    I think I understand the snow clearing to the pub.😉

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      1. Ben does love the tree. It’s his job to pick the tree every year. We get a real tree every year (and set it out for the recycle to mulch or save it for firewood for summer pit fires after Christmas). He likes to turn off all the lights, at the most inconvenient time, so he can look at the tree.

        Yes, I said WHEN… the dog, the kitten and the child all suffer from a lack of cause-and-effect understanding. “Seemed like a good idea at the time” is the reason the window air conditioner took a dive yesterday, also the reason a piece of siding was pulled off the house… never a dull moment🙄🤪😂

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  2. The tree duty is tough. But keeps your mind busy. No small task fending unwarranted attention off the tree! BTW, congratulations on the award. There was no comments tab on that post. Well written and well answered. Thanks for playing along. 👍😉

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  3. Two choices, Gary. Move the dog bed beside the tree, or the tree beside the dog bed. Either choice should solve the dog problem. The cat problem, don’t hang bauble near the stem. Most cxts that love xmas trees like to climb up the centre, near the trunk , or the fake one. Don’t put blockages in his way. Cats are exquisite climbers. Help them get where they want to be.

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  4. That is a beautiful tree, the photo looks very nice and Christmassey. Love the bit about the cat climbing the tree, and the dog taking the tree to his bed, so funny!

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  5. Our first Christmas here we stood our new artificial tree in the corner, though we still have our little one made for us by my niece way back in 1990. It looked a little lost though. I put chocolates on it too, and the dog showed no interest in it, or the chocolates, at all. Of the 12 treats put on it, 11 came off, mainly because Hubby hadn’t found them until the day before we took the tree down! Last year and this the tree is on the table in the bay window (but no chocolates).

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  6. Oh boy this is funny 🙂 Thankfully our pets leave the tree alone (the cat never leaves under my bed, really – if we didn’t have dogs maybe she would know we have a tree and then be a pest). One funny meme thing I saw was of a Christmas ball with the reflection of a cats face in it reading, “The last thing I saw before I broke.” Well, good luck protecting your tree from those pesky varmints 🙂 Looks great!

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  7. It doesn’t look like we will have a white Christmas this year either. I have heard of people tying their trees to the wall. Last year my friend who put up a real tree told me her dogs kept peeing on it. We have cut our own trees the last few years but since they are small trees we put them on a table. It works out well as the dogs are not tempted to pee on them.

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  8. I have a six month old kitten this Christmas. She now the size of a large adult cat but still has the heart of a frenetically playful kitty. I’m going to get the tree out this weekend and see what she makes of it – I think we might need protective clothing!

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  9. What a sweet tree! My brother has cats, and they didn’t even try a tree this year because one loves attacking ANYTHING made of cords, I guess. We finally got a serving of snow for the New Year, so the kiddos are hoping to do a little sledding outside before it all melts. I remember just as many white Christmases as brown ones, but it’s always a little bumming when they’re brown…

    Happy New Year to you and yours!

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  10. We had a cat who managed to get into the twine netting that they put around a live tree after you cut it. Luckily, we had it in the stand ready to take the netting off. She was a kitten when she did it. Never had trouble again. 🙂

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