It’s the last Saturday before Christmas. Son is sat watching the Simpsons Movie while Baron Frankenstein is in kitchen seeing what creature he can create this time. Yes it’s baking time.

My attempt at a Stollen Cake.

As ever the ingredients used may not be quite as required by the recipe. Amounts are a little random. Going more with my Jedi force skills rather than the trusty weighing machine. Unsurprisingly the dough doesn’t quite look or feel like the perfect one pictured in the cook book. Son ventures into the seen of devastation.

Oh Dad that doesn’t look good. Are you planning to use that to fill the holes in the wall.

No Son but like Frankenstein even though the parts are not as desired we might as well see what happens when I bring it to life. Thirty minutes later the creature has been born.

A bit like the Baker it seems a bit crumbly and loose at the edges. So I’ve not been brave enough to see if it can survive life without its tin. I shall report back.

67 thoughts on “Christmas Diaries 3 – Frankenstein

  1. I had to look up Stollen🤷🏼‍♀️ except for the mass amount of sugar shown in the googled pics, yours looks good. If it’s a little crumbly you can add a few drops of liquid (water, milk, brandy) and squeeze the crumbles into balls then dust with powder sugar… Ta Da!! Your personal version of the classic😘

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  2. Hey, when I was making stuffing for Thanksgiving, it initially looked like sick. All soggy and brown and just gross looking. I was freaking out, even ran to the store for some cheap mixes in case the sick in the slow cooker never turned out. But lo and behold! Four hours later, the stuffing looked like actual cornbread stuffing. So I never take those initial checks at face value 🙂

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