It’s Sunday so it’s time for a bit of beautiful Switzerland.

This times it’s a delightful alpine meadow walk in Wimmis.

Wimmis is a small municipality in the canton of Bern. A short walk from our hotel in Spiez finds us out into the meadows and heading towards Wimmis.

Alpine meadows make for some of the most relaxing walking country on the planet.

On one side you get glimpses of Lake Thun. Looking the other way brings on glorious views of The Alps.

For most of the walk we had the privilege of being accompanied by stunning birds of prey. Son was in awe. His encyclopaedic knowledge in full flow.

After a couple of hours it was classed as most definitely a two ice lolly walk.

57 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

    1. That’s so nice to hear. Yesterday I heard the first person who voted Boris cone out and say – what have I done. He was disabled and one of the first things they announced was to delay a programme to make all trains accessible. It’s started. One remaining sensible opposition person said – sadly the only thing that will make some people realise the truth is for Boris to win and then let the crap hit the fan but just prey the damage is not to awful.

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      1. That’s the thing … people don’t open their eyes until something affects them directly. Sigh. I think that in both our countries, there are far too many who do not understand the issues, do not understand how government works, and then one day they realize that everything has changed, and they wonder what happened. Sigh.

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  1. Glorious photos! I love all the buttercups with the mountains in the background. (There’s a photo of my son, who lives in Switzerland, with his wife up in the mountains in my ‘Today I am Thankful for …’ page if you have the time to look. Just scroll down a bit.)

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      1. Hi Gary, I’m so sorry … I didn’t know there was no link to my blog. I’ve fixed it on Gravatar, so if you click on my photo it will take you to the profile where there’s a link to my blog. It’s called Abide In God.
        Thanks for alerting me to this. 🙂

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      2. I’ve heard lots of people say that Bishop is cold … we’re up at the top of a hill too and get the brunt of it. I’ve only been to Redcar a handful of times when I was younger, but I remember the beach. ☺

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