It’s time for my most repeated words. Its Sunday so it must be time for a little bit of wonderful Switzerland.

I’ve been asked quite a few times why did you start going to Switzerland? Why did you keep going back? Why did you always stay in the same town, same hotel?

My partners grandad went there when he was a young man. The fresh alpine air helped him recover from a serious medical condition which had plagued him. He then introduced my partners beloved Dad to the country. Her Dad then spent a lot of time there after the Second World War when he worked with a charity helping injured service men.

Why always Switzerland. Why always Spiez. My partners family become close friends with the hotel owners. Part of the visit was to see old friends. Plus Aspergers families will understand the need for routine and familiarity.

But above all else. Just look at these physio.

That’s why.

29 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. I was in the countryside outside of Kyiv, Ukraine earlier today… now I’m visiting the beautiful Swiss Alps. Virtual travel is awesome!!
    I’d love to actually, physically go to both places. Until then, I thank you for the clean Sunday air!!

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  2. Apart from your family connections to Switzerland, it’s easy to see why you want to keep going back. Stunning photographs and thank you for sharing them with us!

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      1. I think you’re brave, Gary. My first husband and I made memories in the Scottish Highlands (Glencoe area). We lived in Glasgow then. Since he died, I haven’t been able to go back. In fact, I had to miss two of my sons weddings in the Highlands. I admire you for being able to come to terms with that.


  3. You have a lot of memories there I see. And this view. How beautiful it is. I’m thinking of a warm cup of coffee or tea in my hands sitting outside on a picnic table just taking in the fresh air and those beautiful mountains. To dream. Thanks for sharing.😊

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  4. We all appreciate a level of routine in our lives. Within the routines we have opportunity to explore and take in more because we don’t put all our resources into getting ourselves continually oriented. Thanks for sharing.

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      1. Actually, when I was 14 I went to Switzerland. I went on this school trip to travel Europe. I remember seeing a statue of a lion but not all of the beautiful scenery you show. Overall, I think I was too young to take that trip. I probably missed so much because of my age and what I was focused on (mostly my peers). On a side note, my mom told me that my uncle just purchased a vacation home in Switzerland. Seems eccentric to me – the guy lives in California. Who buys a vacation home in another country? Apparently, I know a guy that does. And after seeing all of your pictures, I see why. Just need him to get to like me and invite me for a stay – and then I’ll be in touch so you can come for a visit.

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