It’s been yet another wet, muddy and stormy day. This photo was taken during one of the slightly drier spells.

Grim dog walk.

Exceedingly grim run.

I wasn’t planning on running today but I just needed to get out of the house. I felt the house walls closing in on me. For times like this I often find a run is the most reliable way of clearing my head. It certainly worked. Not sure it worked for the skin. Came back looking like a Prune.

When I say running works I should add And listening to music on my MP3 player as well. I have a playlist for this type run. The music is either quite deep or somber. I blame my mum for this. If she was feeling down she would always listen to music. Always sad songs. As soon as you went through the front door you could tell if mum was trying to cheer herself up. Johnny Cash, Leonard Cohen, Runrig, Sinatra, Roger Whittaker or Andy Williams would be blasting out. She always said that sad songs cheered her up. I always thought it was very bizarre yet all these years later and I’m doing the same. So here goes. Here are some of the songs which have made the list. And no Roger Whittaker and Durham Town is not included.

Alter Bridge – Godspeed

Disturbed – Sound of Silence

Shinedown – Get Up

Five Finger Death Punch – Gone Away

Runrig – Somewhere

Avenged Sevenfold – So far away

Johnny Cash – Hurt

Anathema – One Last Goodbye

Leonard Cohen – You want it darker

Queen – Who wants to live forever

Neal Morse – He died at home

Pink Floyd – Coming Back to Life

Just in case Mum is expecting it, here’s one just for mum. This is certainly not on the playlist.

Roger Whittaker – Durham Town

And here’s one for my partner. This could make the playlist.

Madness – It must be love

62 thoughts on “Sad Playlist

  1. I love Johnny Cash! And though I’m not as familiar with Leonard Cohen, You Want It Darker is darkly impressive. I’m a fan of melancholy music too

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    1. Leonard Cohen is one of Canada’s best gifts to the world of music. Recently deceased, his music has touched generation of mysic lovers, from his first album in the 60s to his latest production just before his recent death. His genre is not definable, unless to say it is poetic philosophy. His voice, well, you tell me…

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  2. Music is so good for the soul, when we are sad and when we are happy! My husband really likes “The song of Silence” by Disturbed. I am not a fan of them, but I do like their version of that song.
    Five Finger Death Punch is one of my son’s favorite bands.
    I hope the running and music can continue to help you, even when surrounded by mud!

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  3. We used my sister’s playlist at her memorial service Saturday. They progressed from gentle to heavy metal, which sounded unusual in the church. Many were about death. Natalie Merchant’s “Wonder” got special attention. I had to go look up the lyrics.

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  4. I so can relate to your post. I too listen to sad music when I’m sad. I can’t really describe the feeling it gives me I wouldn’t say it cheers me up but it makes me feel better if that makes any sense? I love Johnny Cash Hurt and disturbed. I love your playlist. Another song I play when it sad is The Dance by Garth Brooks. The saddest song I know. Oh my, the mud is unbelievable. How did you run this? I’m happy you got out. Hugs my friend.

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