It’s Sunday so it’s Swiss Sunday.

Switzerland has a truly staggering array of landscape visions. Rolling hills, meadows, lakes, soaring mountains, crashing waterfalls and crystal clear rivers.

But often what is missed is how the buildings often just blend perfectly into the stunning backdrops.

So it’s time to give a quick shout out to Swiss architecture.

Every time we crossed Lake Thun on the boat we would see this building. Usually with a man fishing just in front of it and dream of living here. Maybe in another life.

The 14th century wooden bridge in Lucerne has poignant memories. It’s the last place my partners mum visited in Switzerland before she became to frail to travel. It was a privilege to share that moment with her. Its one of the most striking man made structures I have ever seen.

Most holiday Sunday’s we would come to Interlaken. We would never fail to sit outside for a Swiss hot chocolate. Then as we walked round the town we would pass this luxury hotel. We never did save up enough to one day stay here. Again another one for another life.

On our wonderful trips we spent most of our time on the Lakes and in The Alps. We didn’t often venture into the cities. But when we did we started to really appreciate Swiss architecture. How much did we miss?

I want to take this opportunity to thank those who have been very complementary on this weekly series on Switzerland. It’s convinced me to keep it going. I’m starting to get suggestions for particular Swiss themes that some kind folks would like to see. So in the coming weeks I will see what I can come up with for waterfalls and the Swiss Capital.

65 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday – Buildings

  1. As I’ve said before, your series of Swiss Sundays so closely echoes what my intent is in much of my own blogging that is oddly comforting. I like the idea of this community of memory tourists, you are walking the streets of Interlaken while I’m tramping the paths of the Vienna woods in my own mind. It’s nice to meet a fellow former traveller, and I hope that we all can make a few more journeys and memories in this world before the next journey to the next place, whatever that may be.

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      1. Well I have broken four books down into the required amount of chapters and they have them. I have not broken Destiny down yet as they want to put that out with the follow up which I am writing Looking at the Christmas greetings email that came in, they have signed quite a few authors for their expansion and I thought it was looking good in terms of some of these signings. so will keep folks posted.

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      2. Of course I never told them about book 3 in that Rogues series. Cos that point I had no idea what it was going to be about and I didn’t want the other two, the second of which I don’t have much idea about either, held back. Plots are something i never tie myself to. Indeed, what are plots?

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  2. o.m.g., these are stunning photographs – God’s majestic landscape with man-made embellishments … and it works so well! I love the third photograph … that is somewhere I would like to be. 🙂

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  3. I was in serious need of a relaxing vibe! I knew Swiss Sunday would do the trick.
    I also discovered the WP had dropped me from your followers😡 WP like my ex, trying to tell me who I can talk to… NOPE!

    Anyway, thank you for a few minutes of peace in the middle of an intense 3 day weekend!!

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