The first Snowdrops of the year have surfaced after a couple of days of sunshine.

On the 26th January 2019 I blogged

Was a bit worried that the pup had destroyed the gardens entire snowdrop population. But at last in one corner ….

My partner will be happy.

On the 25th February 2018

Walks in February would always involve my partner stopping frequently to admire the patches of snowdrops. I must admit I never really paid much attention to them. To busy looking at the hills, birds or passing planes. That was before the world changed.

Now I stop and get as close as I can to these delicate little flowers. I’ve started to realise what my partner used to see in them.

And just maybe she is enjoying them with me as well,

So what to write about my partner on the 23rd January 2020.

It’s always good to see them. Such delicate beauty. Hopefully a sign that warmer weather is not too far a way now. They are also a gateway back to memories of my partner. Today I could see her kneeling down to get a better look at them and smiling. Then she would phone her mum to tell her she must come over at the weekend to see the return of the old friends. Today I really hope Heaven has snowdrops. That would make my partners day.

49 thoughts on “Snowdrops in heaven

  1. This made my heart skip. Is that what you call them? They’re so beautiful and graceful looking. Beautiful memory. I believe she is looking down on them with a smile. Today is my dad’s anniversary 24 yrs he’s been gone and it feels like yesterday we just talked. Life is funny in that way. .Thinking of you😔

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  2. Oh, there are definitely snowdrops in heaven. You’re partner wasn’t the only one who admired that lovely little flower. I’m a huge fan too. This is a portion of a piece titled “Snowdrop” that I wrote in April 2018:

    “His little Snowdrop is what He called her, for her skin was fair, and she was delicate and lovely, her head bowed humbly in prayer just like the flower He’d created. Her outer beauty, however, paled in comparison to her inner radiance.  Her heart rivaled the body that encapsulated her soul. That’s what He truly saw when He looked at her: the heart of his beautiful and beloved child.   

    Of course, what I’ve written in the passage above is a work of fiction and creativity, but in essence, I imagine this is how God sees His daughters.”


    I don’t know if true snowdrops grow in heaven, but heaven is definitely filled with God’s “snowdrops.” ☺ Lovely post by the way.

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  3. Beautiful post and photograph- one little bright yellow aconite surrounded by snowdrops … like the sun and stars together. These are the small moments that keep us going.

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  4. I love snowdrops too. I admire their tenacity for pushing through that cold ground when nothing else is brave enough to show it’s face. I’m glad some remained in your garden to bring some more memories of your partner.

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