WP gone into meltdown again. It’s decided it didn’t like comments on the last post. Sorry.

41 thoughts on “Godspeed Comments

  1. Hi Gary.
    thought I was seeing things as I clicked on the link for the song, then things happened and suddenly it was all private and I wasn’t allowed to view your post anymore! It disappeared from my reader too, so I visited your site and it wasn’t there either. Then it came back but no comments!
    Great song, and awesome live performance.

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  2. I’ve read that some people have issues occasionally when linking YouTube 🤷🏼‍♀️
    When we talked about Alter Bridge before, I checked out a few of their songs. I really like this one and Blackbird.
    I love the snowdrops too😍

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  3. I hate when WP does that to me too – sometimes I don’t pick up on it either and then I’m completely baffled why no one has anything to say. THEN I figure it out 🙂


  4. Whew! So, it was WordPress that cut off the comments? I was panicking, thinking that you didn’t like the comments and wondering if somebody had been hurtful or offensive, ready to fly over on my broomstick and smite someone, I was! Hugs, my friend … and by the way … it was a beautiful post … brought a tear, which isn’t all that hard to do these days. Hugs!

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