It’s Sunday so it’s time for a bit of Switzerland.

Once on every visit to this great country I would try to go for a run. While the rest of the team where having an extra hour in bed I would quietly sneak out for an early morning run.

It was always the same run.

Not a long run. Just about 1 hour.

An hour punctuated with polite ‘Grüessech‘ exchanges with passing runners and walkers.

A stunning lake side run. For most of the route you are running within inches of the water.

With just the sound of the lapping alpine lake water. The occasional passing passenger boat.

Stunning Alpine scenery.

To me it’s the best run ever.

42 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. Swiss Sunday is my favorite thing on a Saturday night!
    It’s the halfway point of my weekend (Ben home… no little yellow bus) and it can be the “cherry on top” of a good day or the “chill pill” to calm me after a bad day.

    Today was a pretty good day considering the daughter-drama of Friday night and the early Bounce followed by a severe case of the wiggle-jiggles.😂
    Tonight, the beautiful scenery is like a cool breeze fluttering the pages of my book while I’m lying in a hammock on a sunny day. Perfect!

    My thanks, as always💌

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  2. Beautiful. I love mountains and even more so when they are reflected in a lake. These pictures remind me very much of Canada which (tied with Ireland) is the country love of my life ❤️

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      1. You really should, i am sure you would both love it. I would recommend the beara peninsula for a visit although I use to live up in the knockmeal down mountains, and was the last house on the mountain and loved it so much. So friendly, beautiful and the music and love of music is inspiring. I would go back in a heartbeat.

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