It’s Sunday so it’s time for your weekly fix of Switzerland.

I’ve been asked several times if I am getting sponsored by the Swiss Tourist Board for this series. NO. Not even one small block of Toblerone. But I live in hope…. Never going to happen. But the point is that my partners family became attached to Switzerland. She shared this country with me. A place I have grown to deeply love. That’s the real point of this series.

Before I ever went to Switzerland one word sprung to mind with this country. MOUNTAINS.

As a kid I desperately wanted to see the two legendary Swiss Peaks. The Eiger and The Matterhorn. The names just conjured so many stories of adventure, heroism and tragedy.

Eventually thanks to my partner my dream came true.

Switzerland is a climbers and walkers paradise with over 60% of its land being mountainous.

The country hosts 20% of The Alps. It’s has 437 mountains over 3000m (9842ft).

Yet you don’t need to be a mountaineer to enjoy the scenery. Many of the peaks can be walked with a decent level of fitness. Swiss precision transport will get you to the top while you sit and enjoy the scenery. Or you can just quietly sit outside at a cafe. With a coffee, something stronger and enjoy Swiss chocolate. What better place to drink in the mountain landscape.

87 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. Ahhhh…. yes! Thank you!!
    We had some rough patches today and Swiss Sunday on Saturday Night always helps me let them go.💃🏼
    I love the pictures with ths snowy mountains in the background of the incredibly green valley.😍
    SoCal doesn’t even have that green on golf courses.🙁

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    1. Are you alright. The rough patches tend to pile up and grind us down. In spring it’s a bizarre feeling. Your looking up at the snow and yet your walking around in shorts at ground level. On the trains you get skiers in full battle gear sat next to people in shorts and T-shirt’s.xx

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      1. I have very fond memories of a rather large chocolate rabbit in a confectioners window. I couldn’t buy it as I was off to Milan the following day and it would have needed it’s own set on the flight it was that big!

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      1. Aw. I was at the Grand Canyon as a surly teen and distinctly not impressed. I recall saying, “it’s a hole. Great.” However, we went out on some ledge and all of my, and my sister’s, long hair started standing on end. Japanese tourists were taking tons of photos of us. My dad finally realized it meant lightening was about to strike. Fortunately, it did so in the canyon just beyond us!!

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