It’s Thursday so it’s time for Chelsea Owens Terrible Poetry contest. This week the instructions are

Love is (still) in the air, for our 58th Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest! -For nothing says “terrible” quite like the pain and embarrassment of our very first crushes.

That’s right! I’d like every one of you to remember your First Love. What did he or she look like, smell like, eat his/her boogers like? MOST IMPORTANTLY: if you were to write that person a poem, in exactly the advanced writing abilities you had at the time, what would that poem look like?


  1. The Topic is an awkward first poem to your awkward first crush.
  2. I don’t know how prosaic you were then, but I’ll assume the Length will be on the shorter side. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if, like me, all of your poems took on the form Rose are red, Violets are blue…
  3. Rhyming? Maybe, maybe not. How poetic were you?
  4. Naturally, without trying, make it terrible. I want the younger version of you to read over your composition, sigh in romantic ecstasy, and imagine the love of your life rewarding your efforts with that elusive First Kiss.
  5. I’ll give Past You the benefit of the doubt and assume you’ll keep the Rating at PG or cleaner.

You have till 8:00 a.m. MST next Friday (February 14!) to submit a poem to Chelsea.


There’s a girl in my class so shy and so cute

She’s so clever as she can work out a cube root

She the star of athletics team and her name is Anita

Runs for the county as she is as fast as a Cheetah

One day at lunch she came over to talk

I fumbled my words and started to squawk

One hot summers day I found my voice and asked her out in the end

We became good pals but never lovers as she already had a lovely girlfriend


Unbelievably no reference to Boris or politics. Hopefully it’s terrible but it is based on real life. Anita was a good friend and lovely human being. Life wasn’t very kind to her. Sadly we lost touch years ago. Last time I heard she was living in a kibbutz in Israel. Hope your smiling Anita.

34 thoughts on “Terrible Poetry

      1. Nah … it does you good to step away every now and then … lets you recharge so you can maintain that finely honed edge when you need to write about Boris. I read on Thursday that Javid had resigned because Boris told him to fire all his advisors … true or false? Your take?

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      2. Sigh. There was a time that I thought you guys would learn what not to do by looking over to this side of the pond and seeing what a mucky mess we had made of things. I rather expected Cummings to be fired after the press conference where he barred certain journalists, but I guess nothing came of that. Sigh.

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