It’s Sunday. A very wet and windy Sunday here in Yorkshire. So let’s go on a trip to beautiful Switzerland.

This time let’s return to a place we visited so many times. Schloss Spiez. Spiez Castle.

Work on the castle started in 933 by the King of Burgundy. The tower was added in the 12th century. Over the years it has been transformed from castle to a gloriously romantic residence.

In all the times we visited here we never once went inside the castle. Son is not keen on confined spaces. But you can walk around the outside and the gardens for free.

Son loved coming here from the hotel. It was only a 5 minute walk. It was always quiet. He always has had to stand next to his knight pal Adrian Von Bubenberg.

The Castle Church is stunning. So peaceful inside.

If you time the trip well you can sample the local wine from castles vineyards.

The castle offers stunning views across Lake Thun and the surrounding mountains.

The castle dominates the marina area of Spiez.

And on a hot day the gardener puts the water sprinkler on for the kids to play in. One of Sons favourite places ever.

74 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. I cant imagine it gets THAT hot so near that glacial water, but sprinklers are fun anytime!
    The colors in the garden at the castle are so vibrant! I guess I’ve gotten used to dusty, muted colors. SoCal is always very water conscious so we dont have lush landscapes.
    The history of the building in UK and Europe just fascinates me. I would probably get lost in my head just staring at the architecture.
    Thank you for another superb Swiss Sunday on Saturday Night💃🏼

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  2. These pictures are … breathtakingly beautiful!!! I will likely never have the opportunity to go there, but through your Sunday posts, I can dream and imagine! Thank you! (Your son is gorgeous, by the way!)

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      1. It has a lovely romantic touch. Yes, the mountains are omnipresent over here… haha. Some different looking areas in a relatively small place … as Switzerland is compared to other countries.

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      1. Oh I do like buildings. that is what interested me today. many years ago my dad was in Switzerland on some council business trip and he brought back all these black and white pics of the buildings. And b and w were what they were. yes Very diff from ours but still just b and W. But then someone else on that trip had taken colour ones. Well. I always remember thinking These are lovely buildings, the colours just brought them to life.

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