Today was dark and moody but thankfully the storm has gone. Gone but left us with a mini lake for my wayward football shots to target. I can confirm that is is particularly muddy and toe-curlingly cold. It’s amazing how I’ve got the entire farmers field to land in and the ball lands unerringly into the centre of the lake. Twice…..

The sliding contest was unsurprisingly a one sided contest. Son on his sledge managed a respectable mud slide of about 10 paces. My butt powered slide proved somewhat less aerodynamic. Basically it immediately sank in the mud and formed what can best be described as a sink hole. The impact somehow pulling my running leggings towards my knees. Poor kid will be traumatised for years with that sight. I guess the one redeeming feature is that since mud is good for complexion my backside should be just dandy for a few weeks….

So I took the forfeit. The 5 jelly bean roulette. As we have lost the taste chart I can’t be 100% certain on the delights which passed my lips. I definitely recognised rotten egg, booger and soap. One definitely tasted of burnt sausage. The last one was off the scale, too horrid to describe. Son seems to think it might be earthworm flavour. Well that was not his first comment on the potential flavour.

“If it’s as bad as you describe then it’s likely to be your own home made curry flavour.”

Yes that was a bad cooking disaster. As a meal shortcut I used some readymade curry paste. Unfortunately I didn’t read the bit about only using one or table teaspoons depending on taste. I used the whole jar. That was definitely weapons grade cooking. And on the subject of weapons grade food. Stand by your shelters. Lockup the kids and pets. Ensure all windows are closed. I’m about to try and bake a carrot cake. You have been warned.

62 thoughts on “Mud is good for the complexion

  1. Delightful post and your baking sounds like mine. You never know how it’s going to turn out even after cooking for
    what seems like a thousand years. Sliding in mud, sounds like fun. Have a great evening

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  2. Your weather is much like ours here in the northwest corner of the US. We’ve had rain, rain, rain, rain and rain until our back yard is a river and the front is full of massive puddles. Thankfully they’re going down now. Your mud slide sounds almost fun, and best of luck with your carrot cake. Yes, curry paste is best used sparingly. I like to mix in coconut milk as well.

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      1. Our summers are mixed weather (sunny or rainy) days until some time in early to mid July. Then things get pretty dry until around mid September. By mid to late October it begins to rain again quite often. I actually use a mild curry paste to flavor the chicken broth in my homemade chicken, veggie and rice soup. But only about 2 tablespoons in about 2-3 quarts of soup.

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  3. Hubby loves to “wing it” and often will not follow the recipe, and often doesn’t even glance at it never mind read it. It’s led to some “unique” meals to say the least. He would have used more than called for as well. But we don’t buy curry anything – hubby has an aversion to curry, so in this, at least, I’m safe. Haha

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  4. Tum! Carrot cake. I haven’t made carrot cake or banana bread in ages.🤔 Of course, the only person beside me that would eat either has moved out, so that might be why🤦‍♀️

    Getting muddy is SO much fun! Almost as much fun as the feeling after it’s all washed off!

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  5. Oh, that’s funny – I got Declan those jelly beans for Valentine’s Day. He always plays with Bobby. Bobby doesn’t mind playing – he says they all taste the same to which everyone else in the house says, “No they do NOT!” Good luck on the carrot cake! We’re prepared for the explosion 🙂

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  6. We, too, have marvelous mud here in the Southeastern United States. “Pluff” mud is common on the southern coastal plain of the eastern seaboard and children (and adults!) delight in a good, old fashioned soak in the mud or even an all out mud fight. We sling like mud our northern cousins sling snowballs. Here’s mud in your eye! 😉

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      1. Just this past summer! An epic mud battle between myself, my niece, and my son’s soon-to-be wife 🙂 The finest days of summer are spent in the river on a sand bar with a mud bank nearby. We swim, fish, throw the cast net, picnic, and wallow. Wallow in the sun, the sand, and the mud! Definitely warm mud. Life has been overly busy of late. On a little cooking hiatus but planning to crank back up soon.

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  7. On the subject of ingredient quantities, the first time I tried to cook a chili I hadn’t realised that there is a difference between a garlic clove and a garlic bulb.

    The resulting meal had quite a kick to it which wasn’t entirely down to the peppers.

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  8. Weee, I’m excited to hear about the cake! Yes, I’m serious. My own baking often ends up…blech. Anyhoo, I’m trying to catch up here with you and other bloggers while my university term is winding down. Since the kids have off for a couple of days, I can’t sub either, which will mean…eh, probably trying to do some much-needed training. The full-time opening turned out to be a dud when the admin TOTALLY changed what they wanted during the second interview. Sigh. BUT. We keep on keepin’ on. Hope you and your son are well! Mud-sledding sounds like a blast. Sure my own kids would love that. February’s brought plenty of snow to us, so our tiny hill by the house is visited by the kids almost every day after school

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  9. Lol… I had to shake my head at some of the things you wrote in this one. (In a good way) It was pretty funny. I’ve definitely had my own cooking disasters too. Dumplings were a learning experience. They aren’t supposed to taste like rubber. I got it eventually. Trial and error.

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