Not our garden, this is from a neighbours garden. Very jealous especially of the lawn which when cut always resembles a bowling green. So unlike our used rugby pitch.

Another stormy and very wet day. That’s the third weekend in a row for us. The weather is doing nothing for our souls. Nor is the imminent return to school. His anxieties levels are starting to peak now. Soon he’s back into that alien environment. The hope is that he will return and he’s been moved up in at least one subject. Just move him up in History and it would boost his confidence so much. I fear that’s a pipe dream. I would also be staggered if the support system has suddenly improved. How can it. It’s the same teaching team, with the same school education strategies and with schools struggling for resources. But on the bright side we have been told to celebrate as soon we will have a new blue UK passport. A passport made in France….

Maybe he will decide to abandon the failed school project. Can’t blame him and I would fully support that. It would be so worth it to lift this cloak of anxiety which often suffocates him. It’s not as if the school approach is delivering results. In most subjects he’s bored and starting to stagnate. I have asked school for the latest benchmark data on his reading, writing and performance. Again I’m not holding my breath. I’m still waiting for school to do any meaningful assessment work on his reading or writing. I suspect it will be spelling tests and nothing else. The Physiotherapist contacted school to say that he was clearly struggling with handwriting and asked what concerns the school had about his handwriting. The response back was that no teacher had raised any concerns. Really….

At his last school they worked with the heath service to monitor his reading age every quarter. He left that school with a reading age three years below the expected level for his age. His current school has so far refused to do another benchmarking assessment. The argument is that he’s doing so well and a benchmark would not change his teaching programme. Read that as they cost money and all kids get the same set teaching approach. Well if you don’t have benchmark information how can you say he’s doing so well. We don’t know if he’s catching up or if the age gap is widening.

It’s funny looking back at this parenting gig. I always realised it would be frustrating and tiring. But I always assumed the school system would largely take care of his education. How wrong I was.

28 thoughts on “How wrong I was

  1. Hello Gary. Thankfully your son has you , a very concerned and helpful parent willing to put the time and effort into his needs, putting him first. Few parents are willing or able to do what you, and go to the mat daily for their children. Hugs

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  2. It is such a shock isn’t it when you realise that school just isn’t there for your child in the way you thought it would be? I hope however things work out that he does get that well earned boost of moving up a set in a subject or two. He is obviously very bright and it is the schools failure not his that he isn’t achieving he obviously great potential.

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  3. The sad part of all this (aside from the obvious) is that there are undoubtedly teachers who are finding out that they can’t help the students as much as they would like because of all the rules. So everyone’s losing.

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  4. I’m sorry the school system is failing your son. All I can offer is prayers, and that’s not usually a quick fix. But in the long term I’ve seen prayer pay off. Hang in there.

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  5. Your right about the rain, we could really do with it letting up although we havent had much here today but the wind is raging. I really hope you can get improved help with your son from the school. Keep on keeping on is all I can say. He is so ucky to have you on his team.

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  6. I am very sorry about this trouble ar school… it’s getting worse
    Do you know that the average reading age here is 9.Nine years old.To read a proper newspaper you need it to be 14.So half the population is 9 or less.No wonder we are suffering from idiots in the government.If people can’t read properly then we do not have a democracy.And they can’t read decent novels or history or politics
    Once I was teaching first year students maths and we did it via history.A girl burst into tears and said. why were not taught this way at school? I felt embarrassed as I didn;t wish to tell her many teachers have not got maths degrees.So they don’t understand it
    Why are we behind Germany and France? We aren’t all stupid… the system is bad

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      1. Sounds like the NHS.I’ve been kept waiting 7 weeks to see a consultant.It’s the children from poorer homes who suffer most as they can’t pay for extra tution which shold noe be needed anyway.Good lck

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  7. Lots of good resources online that you could enjoy together and help pass a rainy day. Check out Rongchang beginner readers, which come to mind. Or turning on the subtitles on youtube, or selecting the lyrics version when you listen to songs on youtube. All helpful just a matter of finding what your son finds interesting and enjoys!

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  8. You’re a good dad … no, wait … you’re a GREAT dad! Someday, this will have all been worth the struggle. I have a friend, Wes, who has Asperger’s. He tells us that he went through much of what your son is going through as a child. Today, he is a (relatively) well-adjusted man with three daughters, and makes his living as a computer programmer. He drives his wife crazy some days, but overall he leads a happy life and his girls love him dearly. It will happen for your son. It just takes time and lots of patience.

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  9. So sorry about your experience with the school system. I know it can be vsry frustrating! Always remember you know your child the best and sometimes you have to really fight for them! We had to change schools and were so glad we did. It was a vast improvement! But I know not everyone is able to do that.

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