It’s Sunday so it must be time for a little bit of Switzerland.

In all our trips to this wonderful country we would usually spend our time in the mountains and the lakes. But as soon as son joined our trips we would need to find time to visit Tierparks – Zoos. Every so often it would be to the large zoo in Zurich. But his favourite animal place was Bern. A city with a wonderful little zoo and a bear park.

Bern is such a beautiful city.

Bern is the de facto capital of Switzerland. The country doesn’t have an official capital but Bern is classed as its federal city.

It’s strange in all the visits we made to Bern it was always sunny.

The Zytglogge (Clock Tower) is over 400 hundred years old. Every hour a wonderful mechanical music show entertains the crowds.

The old part of the city which dates back to the 12th century is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Cathedral of St Vincent towers over the city.

The thing that strikes you about Bern is that even on a work day it seems such a quiet city. It’s also such a friendly place. The first time we came looking for the zoo we didn’t have a clue where to go. At the train station we asked a passerby what was the best way to the zoo. He happily provided us with a city map and then walked us to the correct tram stop. That’s not going to happen in London…..

The river Aare sweeps through Bern and the hilly ground often offers wonderful views across its many bridges.

The city is famed for its Bears. Thankfully the city has invested in improving the Bear Park.

Walking round the city, even a beautiful one like Bern is in the end – very thirsty work.

54 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

      1. Nonsense. I am sure it was just after midnight sure enough when I saw it. But we’d had visitors –which we seldom do here, we tend to got down to the Ferry with friends rather–and spent ages clearing up so I had lost track of the time.

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      1. Oh, there was frustration… Ben borrowed my tablet and unbeknownst to me, bought over $50.00 worth of movies. I tried to cancel them but he had scanned through them all. Stupid Amazon Prime, cant even uninstall the dang app. I figured out how to prevent further purchases.
        On the positive side, I got 3 hours sleep in a row.😯 😂💌

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  1. Lovely pictures. The bear looks happy. Our trip to the Seattle zoo wasn’t that successful as loud of animals were either sleeping or hiding. Though it is a place worth seeing for itself too. Beautiful ambiance.

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  2. What a lovely place! Thanks for sharing it.

    The stranger walked you to the correct tram? Dang! I’m impressed with myself if I walk a person to wherever they’re seeking in “maze” office layout, rather than simply talking & pointing the way.

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      1. Germany is in serious political turmoil right now. Hell, the whole world is in a mess.

        I’d love to be in Switzerland. They seem to be the only country with brains. They have put a complete hold on 5G.

        And, things are going to be getting worse, here…the closer we get to November.

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