Well this friend likes my baking.

These days nothing goes to waste. Always find grateful recipients of any food we can’t finish. But there is a limit.

Today has been a bit unusual. Normally the body is willing but the mind refuses to leave my sleepless bed. Today was the complete reverse. My body felt like it was just a heavy sack of spuds. However the mind was sharp. Those three brain cells of mine were purring. Screamed through the workload which freed up an hour for exercise. Here is where the problems started. The bag of spuds just didn’t want to play. I dragged my body through the session but only just. The school run became a real effort. Trying to keep up with son proved impossible. I just wanted to collapse in a chair.

Now it was time for the three brain cells to follow my bodies lead and shutdown. Basically I had nothing. Unfortunately this coincided with Pancake Tuesday. An utter and unmitigated baking disaster. A simple pancake was beyond me. The sticky mess produced was deemed even too bad for the wildlife. So for the first time in ages food went into the bin. I finally just slumped into a chair. Then it dawned on me. I had not eaten in over 24 hours. I’m on the 16:8 diet. Can only eat in one 8 hour spell. I had simple forgotten about an 8 hour food window. What a prize pillock.

Thankfully heaps of junk food has restored my energy levels. The body is now beginning to function. Unfortunately the three brain cells are now a spent force. So the status quo has been restored. Back to being a brisk walking zombie. But it just goes to show if you start to overthink life it’s so easy to take your eye off the basics. It’s also another important warning. We are down to one parent and hence we are walking a tightrope. That’s why it’s so important that in all my efforts to be a good mum and dad, that I remember to care for myself as well.

65 thoughts on “Energy

  1. Squirrels are cute until they are climbing on my bird feeders when I have left them plates of the exact same food on the ground….grrrr They are great about out smarting squirrel proof feeders. As I have photo proof and quite honestly my local birds aren’t crazy about those.

    Now I have a feeder the birds and I love. The only problem is the doves, which if one comes they quickly multiply like pigeons and the sit in the bird seed section so no other birds can even share….grrrr Probably way more than you cared to hear…lol My bad.

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  2. Zeus the Big Dumb Dog is happy to eat anything the humans don’t want. No wasted food here.

    Yes, please remember to eat!! I have to remind myself to eat every day, do I need to remind you too?😉

    Poor Ben and poor Son… being raised by a couple of zombies🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️

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  3. I’m also on 16:8… but it’s mainly because I’m lucky to be awake for 8 (also, the Celexa killed my appetite).

    I was WIDE AWAKE… ZOOMZOOMZOOM… today but have to be awake even earlier tomorrow (well, it’s 12:30am so technically today). I’m waiting for my xanax + vodka to kick in!

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      1. I hear skwerls but rarely see them. The prev opossum wouldn’t run away, knowing I was going to put out food. But the one that was in my house for weeks never got over its fear.

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      1. Yeah yesterday was topped by the Mr… he has Meniere’s although it is dormant but I don’t know if it has come back but he had a turn yesterday, hours before we were due to give this talk at the local library. I was there simply because we were doing some pertinent extracts from his play and i was also then doing the talk bit on two of the characters. Anyway all the tickets were sold so when he wasn’t showing any signs of recovery I thought i will do this and I will just pull folks from the audience to read /act these extracts with ,me. Ah the follies of not including any of the cast but a lot of them were on things this week so i didn’t like. Anyway, at the last having looked it all over and got the music on a cd…I am no use with ipads.. PCS yes.. He felt able to come but he then got poorly again towards the end. I just thought yesterday.. what else can you throw at us this week cos there had been other things which had added to his stress before all that. So here is hoping.

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  4. Yes, do take care of yourself! Stop giving all your food to the squirrels or you’ll go squirelly. Aren’t you glad you have great friends to repeat exactly what you’ve just confessed? Just trying to bee helpful. I forgot to ask about the Yorkshire tea! Is Yorkshire tea a tea leaf that is grown in Yorkshire or us it a special blend of teas?

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      1. Lol… Well, if I ever get to England I want to try it! The tea that is…not confessing to the squirrel. 😆 Squirrel is a difficult word to spell. I hated spelling! I still can’t spell. Spell check is a Godsend. Just remind your son that once he is finished school spell check is there for him. Mmhmm.

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      1. Permanently, I guess. The day we volunteered with our church I didn’t want to answer questions about why I wasn’t eating, so I had some fruit salad and broke the fast two hours early. Once I had a headache and stomach ache and the only way I could take meds was with food, so I ate early that day too. But otherwise I am doing pretty good staying in my zones. I like the 16:8 – do you?

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  5. The three brain cells know and even the body shows it clearly… now the one who owns both needs to follow. You absolutely need to take care of yourself. Otherwise, you cannot be the dad and mom you want to be.
    My sister is on the same diet by the way. It is interesting to see how she arranges everything around that 8 hours window.

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      1. She is happy with it. She is doing it for about 2 years now. She lost some weight and she says, she feels better. Since you can even do 6 minues-planks… you may be a living proof too! But… I don’t think she ever forgot an 8 hour window….

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  6. so true..when we get distracted , we forget the basics at times. I’ve done this a lot the past few months just trying to figure out a way to get out of the debt i incurred buying the new place . I started working the OT , and focusing on my nutrient Macros’ & how much exercise i needed. Between the 3 , i forgot about basic sleep & stress factors..back on track now after crashing and getting sick for 2 weeks..le sigh!

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      1. i’ll be ok…there are times when i feel overwhelmed but thats actually a warning signal for me now. I never used to recognize it as one, and would keep punishing myself for not being “enough”. Thank goodness i grew out of THAT! lol

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