It’s been a blustery day with the clouds clearly in a hurry to pass over Yorkshire. Frustratingly work demands prevented a run. Looked a really good day for one. Maybe tomorrow. I managed to get work done 40 minutes before I had to drive to pick up son. The school bus experiment has now been abandoned. It was causing him just too much stress. So with a few minutes free just enough time to change the bedding and clear the ironing. I’m not sure which activity is more dangerous. Burns from the iron or the BP over a 1000 while trying to put on the new duvet cover. Today it was the ironing – yet another finger burn…..

Unbelievably both tasks were completed well within the 40 minutes. Still got 8 minutes free. So what to do. Not enough time to go for a run or get the weights out. I’m clearly thinking like a psychopath as I opted for trying to do a plank. Why did I not opt for a bounce on the trampoline or a quick cup of tea or a sit down. No I went for a plank. All was good for the first 4 minutes then the shakes began to kick in. At 6 minutes my body is experiencing a magnitude 9 earthquake. How can this be good for you. Thankfully the school run out me out of my misery. Seriously how did some nutter set a plank record which was over 8 hours longer than my attempt. I bet that nutter has those super tight abs that can crack a walnut. I’m not jealous.

Something which has lasted longer than my plank is my semi isolation. It’s now coming up to two weeks since I spoke to anyone other than our son. A school holiday in which we shut ourselves away boosted the numbers. Not sure what my first words will be when I do actually speak to another human. Maybe it will be when was the last time you did a plank. Or maybe it will be just one word – spellings.

Clearly school has decided that one spelling test this week is not enough. So stand by your beds troopers it’s time for your second spelling test of the week.
















Claudio, Leonato and Margaret have given the game away. The teacher is clearly reading Much Ado About Nothing. So we have a new game. Let’s try to guess where the English Teacher has taken her spellings from. Clearly if it’s ever from an Encyclopaedia of Dinosaurs or the Guide to Welsh Place Names, then we are in for some rough spellings. We could get




64 thoughts on “Plank

  1. I am not sure what you mean by “Plank”. I assume it’s some kind of exercise. But it doesn’t sound very pleasant.

    I actually loved spelling when I was a kid, but it’s not for everyone. And it’s especially not for your son. Ugh!

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  2. Haha, you sound so much like me… making use of every minute left 😂You made it to 6 minutes? That’s fantastic!! My best time was 2 minutes. Congrats on that. But perhaps you could start reading in a magazine or newspaper the next time you have some minutes left and you have some things to talk about… if not, then you can still try it with the magical word: Corona😜

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  3. Just to be a jerk, I’ll remind you the nutter who did the 8hr plank was something like 67 years old!

    You outdid me by about 10 min!! (I’d need an extra 4 min just to get down & back up.) VERY impressive!

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  4. Oh my, I saw that eight hour plank guy. What?!? Seriously, six minutes is pretty awesome. Great job! At the gym we do plank shoulder taps too – I swear there are days that I am like Lightening McQueen trying to get through those things they start to hurt so bad (good, I guess). The words are stupid. He should write that for each word instead “S.T.U.P.I.D”

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      1. Awwww … now what did that adorable li’l squirrel do to deserve a tellin’ off? And no, it doesn’t count … that’s bullying, not talking 😏 Now go apologize to the poor squirrel … take him a treat.

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