Three things are just about guaranteed in life.

  • Snow will be close but not close enough to allow son to sledge this season,
  • When you are straining to complete that last set of pushups a pet will pick that moment to lick your face,
  • Amazon will mess up.

Son has wanted a table tennis set for ages. I have always put it off due to the cost and the lack of space. Finally I thought – bugger it let’s get him one. We have no where in the house which has enough space to use it inside. So the table will need to be portable so I can put it up in the garden. It will also need to be big enough to make it easier for him to enjoy playing with it. The solution appeared to be a 3/4 size foldable table. I narrowed it down to 2 products on Amazon. I went for the one that would definitely deliver before his birthday. Job down. Well not exactly as this is Amazon.

The table was due to be delivered today.

Unfortunately I missed a word from that sentence. The word is NOT. Yes I got the dreaded ‘Your item has been delayed’ email. Turns out it that it’s been out of stock for weeks. They are hoping to deliver a few days after birthday now. Yes I can cancel the order but it’s too late to get another table here before his birthday. Well thank you Amazon.

But no it doesn’t stop there. The second part of his birthday list was a mini table football game. It arrived today in a surprisingly small box. Even more surprising was that the box had the name George Foreman on the side. Didn’t realise he had diversified into kids toys. Yes Amazon had sent a Lean Mean Grilling Machine. Not sure how we play football on that…..

What followed was a dash into the city for birthday Plan C. Thankfully I returned with a Table Football set and a few other things which will keep Son happy until the Table Tennis package arrives. I dread to think what Amazon might send this time. Maybe something like a Slush Puppy machine. A BMW. A Grand Piano.

It’s not all bad. The George Foreman Grill should have cost a lot more than the Table Football game which I originally bought. So we are keeping the grill. Turned out to be a decent bargain. Thank you Amazon.

83 thoughts on “Amazon

  1. Wow… this one gave me so many mixed emotions. This is life, right? Well, I’m sorry that things didn’t arrive on time or as ordered, but happy grilling…I guess? *shakes head*

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  2. Yes. Keep the George Foreman grill. They cocked up the order and made it too late to correct. Would have been a faff to return. So yws, keep it and enjoy using it.
    Hopefully your other order won’t be wrong and you get what you want, without much of a delay.

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  3. You really increased the amazon-mess-up score with your two orders. Hope you have fun with the grill anyway. I just made another order on amazon right before I read your post. So far I have always been lucky… knocking on wood!

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      1. Really?😂😂 Funny to read but once you receive that package it is irritiation since you have to see how to get the actually ordered boots since everything was already paid.

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  4. Words fail me… Truly. But you did make me laugh re the grill… Could you play table footie on it. I had words wi them recently over the fact they kept delivering books..everything else was okay…to half the street. AND sending me pics of whatever shed they had put them in, as if I would even have such a skanky looking shed. Anyway, eventually one got put through downstair’s letter box. She’d been dead for almost a year but i could have gotten it from her son when he came by but i thought enough is enough. So I got them to phone and as ever they came on all smart-assed bu I am smarter so when they said, can’t you just go and ask your neighbour, i said, ‘How will i do that? kill myself? She’s been dead for like a year.’ But couldn’t i ask whoever had the keys. ‘Nah,’ I said, ‘ They are in Australia but maybe you want me to break in?’ Eventually they said, ‘ a new copy was on its way and when i got the other one would i please send it back. I though awa and raffle yourself pal, this is called watch and learn actually, re your profits. Since then everything has been delivered properly. I know our house is hard to find, right off the radar but they had been delivering for years at this point. Also that son was a bit upset like thinking we had arranged for that book to be delivered there.

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  5. Uggh! This happened to us at Christmas. A couple of items that were guaranteed didn’t make it on time. So frustrating! Glad for Plan C – the one that usually doesn’t let down 🙂

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  6. Glad you managed to get the gifts in time. Seriously though, I wonder what’s going on? Is there a robot somewhere having a laugh at our expense? Actually I don’t know if Amazon uses robots for that. I ordered some wolf-head cuff links as a gift and got sent a fitbit instead. Hope your son has a good birthday.

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  7. Oh gosh. I had a mishap (not Amazon but Walmart). I ordered one blanket. They sent me three. They charged me for one and no packing slip. I couldn’t find a phone number. I tweeted (tweet worked). They said that science their records didn’t show that they sent me 3 to give away or keep. 😸

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  8. Here’s hoping for the BMW!!

    I know only order through Prime sellers… better accuracy and guaranteed free returns.

    Thank gobs you came up with a Plan C!! I hope you do some good grilling.

    Happy Birthday to your son!!

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  9. My friend orders through Amazon. Ordered coffee and ended up with 3 cartridges for a laser printer. Then was sent 3 cans of coffee. They don’t want over shipments returned.
    How does a company stay in business.

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  10. Rotten luck just seems to have a way of finding you, doesn’t it? Sigh. Well, at least your son still has another surprise to look forward to! And … you’ve got a cool grill … now, if only the rain would stop and it would get warm enough to grill out …

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  11. Everyone always laughs when I say this, not least because I am pretty tech savvy most of the time, but I can not get the hang of Amazon. Tbh I couldn’t even work out how to sign up let alone buy anything so it’s eBay all the way for me (which has its own set of problems). My mum though was an avid Amazonian (if that’s what you call people who use amazon) but was very click happy and used to buy multiples of things in error so her until place looked like a cut price supermarket. Them there was the time she accidentally ordered a huge cast iron gas heater which was dumped on a pallet outside her house blocking her door and she didn’t have forklift to move it but if she unwrapped it they wouldn’t take it back… Maybe I am glad I never got the hang of it!

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