It’s Sunday so it must be time for a bit more Switzerland.

Switzerland certainly does mountains but it also does some mighty fine lakes as well.

For quite a small country Switzerland has over 7000 lakes.

And they are often not small ones. The lakes can be over 1000ft deep.

Most of the larger lakes have regular boat services. Some are still the luxury old steamers.

Lakes and mountains always create such a beautiful atmosphere. Unbelievably calming.

In the above photo you can see a road cut into the cliff face. It’s a stunning yet precarious lake view from there.

One of the other things you immediately notice about Swiss lakes here is how clear water is.

A wooden rocking horse provides one of the finest lake viewports. You know what – he never gave me a go….

98 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. I’ve been looking forward to Swiss Sunday on Saturday Night since about noon.
    It hasn’t been a bad day, just an intense day. Lots of ADHD & OCD today.
    Swiss Sunday always makes me feel better. And, that rocking horse looks fun too, although a hammock might be safer… or maybe not🙄🤣💌

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  2. Thank you for sharing such warming pictures, Gary. At times I have to go to Zurich for business meetings. I am passing by two lakes (The Walensee and The Lake Zurich). I have my phone in hands during the whole ride because I cannot stop taking pictures…
    How long did you stay in Switzerland?

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      1. Oh, right, the dinosaurs. We were there too when the kids were little. I like Zurich a lot. Have you been to Basel too? My son goes to university there. I like it even more than Zurich. It feels so cozy and I like the old town up the hill.

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  3. Ahhh to escape to those beautiful mountains , Okay not forever … or maybe. (hahaha) well Your Amazon shopping made me laugh sorry.. I just know how shopping with Amazon can be. at least you got a grill out of it that you and your son can enjoy. trying to look on the bright side . table tennis will be fun. I know you and him will have some fun playing that.

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  4. That rainbow … it took my breath away! Beautiful! Question … the 4th pic down, under the caption “For quite a small country Switzerland has over 7000 lakes.” You’ve shown that before and I meant to ask then … that village or town between the lakes … does it not flood often? It seems so precariously perched there, surrounded by water. And, is there land access, ie roads or highways? Fascinating … I want to know more! Thanks for brightening our Sunday! Hugs!

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