The morning after another storm. Dark, cold and everywhere is completely sodden. But it’s not raining and the wind has dropped a little. It’s the best it’s been for a few days so we make the most of it. Football in the garden. Increasingly mud footy. Quickly running out of grass to play on. Urgently need a magic gardener to weave some spells on our lawn.

My Dad would have sorted it out. Thinking back to all the footy, rugby and cricket played in our garden. Coming back inside completely caked in mud. Yet the lawn was kept immaculate. Dads approach was that lawns were designed to be played on but they still should look immaculate. So once we were finished he would be outside working his magic. I guess in magical gardening terms he would be Dumbledore whereas I would be much more Voldemort.

While on the subject of wizards and spells I could do with a few more areas covered.

  • A magic spell to transform my distinctly dodgy cooking into taste bud ecstasy,
  • A car wizard to transform my expensive bag of metal and rust into a high performance Batmobile,
  • A Mary Poppins character to transform the running of our household,
  • An animal wizard to sort out the pets,
  • A sleep wizard to sort my permanent zombie state,
  • An Alchemist to help fill our pockets with gold rather by transforming all the dog poo sacks currently crammed in there.

Unfortunately wizards are a bit rare on the ground in Yorkshire. So I guess it’s still up to a rather gormless muggle to try and sort these things out. I remember watching a Harry Potter movie and commenting about how I would be the Ron Weasley character. Son gave me one of those Paddington Bear looks and dryly said.

“Don’t kid yourself Dad. You wouldn’t even be able to find your wand.”

Yes that was so true. I do tend to forget where I put things. I’d be that Jedi Knight running around the battlefield asking everyone – have you seen my lightsaber. It’s not getting any better. Last week I bought some lawn seed and now I can’t find it. We only live in a small bungalow. Where do these things go. It’s as if they just disappear. Hang on a minute. I can make things disappear. I must be a wizard. Just need to find my wand now….

58 thoughts on “Magic

  1. My little pack of stickers did *not* disappear again and I gave them to the neighborkid today. The $50 gift card and $100 bill remain MIA.

    I will volunteer for animal wrangler if you will be Mary Poppins!! You are more than welcome to make CDC everything in my 2nd bedroom disappear… except the pet crate, I might need that soon (animal wrangler!!).

    I’m also missing loofah seeds… planted some 2 yrs ago, put the remaining seeds “away” and haven’t found them since!

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      1. pps: I occasionally see old episodes of “Escape To The Country”. I’ll think of you the next time their in Yorkshire.

        All of England seems like made up places from fairytales. I have to remind myself they’re real places!

        I had a relative who was born somewhere near Sherwood Forest.. another fantasy locale to me. Funny guy… pity I can’t recall his name. I only met/saw him in 1976, our bicentennial… and recall him loudly singing God Save The Queen at our neighbors during an Independence Day party. Thanks for triggering that memory!!!!

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  2. Noo you said it was sunny….. That must have been short lived and that is the prob right now. If only you could find that magic wand Mr. Wizard. I must say the Mr . here has been remarkably restrained re the state of our grass with me cutting wood on it….

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  3. Dopey dug two new holes in our yard this weekend. I guess the ground is less frozen and more diggable. Almost time to do the garden and yard spring cleaning – and then figure out what to do with Dopey.

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  4. My dad was the same with lawns but, unlike a lot of guys, he didn’t lose stuff. The trick is to have homes for everything and ensure everything is put in its home. He passed on his organisational skills to me.

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  5. I am known to forget items but never moments. My most recent loss was leaving my license at a friends; thankfully, we weren’t too far away and could get back in time. When it comes to organization, to-do lists are my best friend! Blessings!

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  6. It’s been sunny here, so Hubby has got out and dug over half the soil in the greenhouse. Added bonus was he found a bag of cement……… not ours, and buried, so completely solid!
    No, it will not form part of a rockery!!

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      1. Nope. Haven’t thought about it actually, and there’s no power there anyway. Now I’m thinking………… we’ve never had a greenhouse before, but it didn’t have one, though I will check tomorrow with our neighbour.

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  7. You’re always so hard on yourself! I don’t think I’d make so much as a blade grow, given your weather conditions and your manic canine. 😉

    My favorite spell from HP was that one to get rain off the glasses. That, and the one to bring things to you.

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