It’s March and finally most of the daffodils are just starting to emerge. Let’s hope the weather is kind to them. Sadly the early blooms didn’t last too long. Three storms in as many weeks proved too much for them. They weren’t the only thing that the storms have put under stress.

My sleeping is poor at the best of times. But with the constant wind and rain slamming into the house my sleeping has become even more erratic. It’s not good for the soul, not good for your health as it puts your body under stress. I guess watching late night channels like QVC and DAVE are unlikely to help as well.

The trampoline has a safety net surrounding it. It’s held in place by 20 strong metal clips. An inspection today discovered that 15 had snapped off. Watch out Belgium if another storm hits. I wonder what the post Brexit arrangements are for recovering British trampolines from EU territory. Maybe it’s classed as an act of war.

A trip to the DIY store in the local town became an urgent priority. Surely a multitude of cable ties would do the repair job and head off a European war. The problem was that free parking is nonexistent in the town and certainly not outside the store. But surely at 10am the infamously effective traffic warden would be still in bed or at least not on duty yet. And then sods law kicked in. Yes as I arrived at the store and guess who was stood outside with his parking ticket book poised at the ready. Unbelievable.

So it’s was plan b then. Surely the supermarket would sell DIY stuff.

Don’t be daft….

Yes the supermarket does sell DIY products and the helpful store assistant confirmed that it does normally stock cable ties. Unfortunately they have been removed to make space for Easter Eggs. The store won’t be selling them until after Easter now.


The supermarket must have something to secure a trampoline. The ever helpful assistant thought for a while. The only thing they had available was a ball of strong wool. So yes I bought the wool. It was only 50p and may help prevent a war. At least until Easter is over or the traffic warden goes on holiday.

In the end I didn’t use too much of the wool up. The trampoline is a fraction more secure. A diplomatic incident is less likely and I have a ball of wool. My mum used to knit a lot until arthritis took hold. She said that it really helped with stress. So just maybe I might try that. So don’t be surprised if you find me in the early sleepless hours watching QVC and knitting. It may be good for me and I do need some new woolen mittens. It might also take my mind off the awful weather outside for a few moments. That’s a luxury those poor daffodils don’t have.

48 thoughts on “Under stress

  1. Hello Gary. What happens to the wool in the rain? Good thinking on stopping any war crimes. Can you order what you need online. It is getting so I buy almost everything online, and most stores offer free delivery in limited areas or free delivery for orders over a set amount. Locally even the grocery stores let you shop online then they bring your groceries to your home. Hugs

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  2. Oh my gosh, the subject of trampoline repair is one I can relate to. I am sitting here, cringing with each mighty slam of a jump Declan makes on his trampoline. He jumps so hard he causes the springs to break. I’ve already been through two boxes of those but now there is a mighty hole on one side of it that I KNOW he isn’t looking at every time he jumps. I’m terrified he is going to go through that thing and fall. I also know there is no way I can get him to stop jumping. I ordered a new mat….just waiting for that silly Amazon to get it here!

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  3. I used to knit while pregnant. Not something you’ll ever experience but I’m sure it will help you too. I’m crap at it though, can only manage scarves and baby blankets. Attempted to knit my son a jumper but it ended up only fitting his teddy bear.
    I hate the storms. A friend from Scotland confirmed that we have them much worse than you lot across the sea. There’s nothing between the Atlantic and us to diffuse them a bit. Fingers crossed there won’t be another one for a while.

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  4. Hey hey! You have been blessed with truly excellent writing skills. Thank you very much so for the follow, it means a lot to me. Anyways, I’m sorry to hear your wife passed on, but be strong, you can do this! Soon enough, you’ll see her again. 🙂

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  5. If you have any spare paint, you can write “Boris says hello” on the bottom of the trampoline😂 If it’s gonna start a war, it might as well put the blame on someone who deserves it.

    I used to crochet. The nerve damage makes using my hands repetitively painful🤷🏼‍♀️

    I hope the daffo-down-dillies and you get some more sunshine 🌞💌

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      1. Nerve damage is unfortunately permanent. Best thing I can do is not use my hands repetitively🤷🏼‍♀️

        If he was born in New York then he can claim American citizenship 😲 and run for president 😱
        Oh man, that’s scary…

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  6. I’d like to put an order in for a bright scarf please, maybe Dr Who style. That should keep you going for a while! 😊
    Not sleeping is the worst! Hope weather improves to help the situation.
    Claire x

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  7. Re Storms. I love them. I find them very exhilarating. When I was a kid, whenever a good storm was in progress, my mother and I would put on raincoat, hat and gumboots (I think they’re called Wellingtons in the UK) and go out into the storm. If there was lightning, so much the better. Everyone else in the family thought were were crazy.

    I still thoroughly enjoy violent weather, but less inclined to go out in it as it’s not quite so much fun by oneself. Instead I mostly resort to standing on our balcony the experience the wind and rain in my face.

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  8. I’m so sorry you’re not getting sleep and under so much stress. I pray for much better days and nights for you. In the meantime, you should definitely try the knitting…be sure to post some pictures 🙂. Sending you lots of hugs.

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  9. Knitting 🧶 is peaceful and therapeutic… then you also have the after product… which I love just as much… my grandmother used to knit – she taught me… I knit when I am alone and have the time. Currently working on afghan for daughter. (Don’t be impressed – I am taking forever with it currently, as it’s taken a back shelf until I have time here and there – which hasn’t been often)

    And lol… replaced by Easter eggs … always a holiday going on it seems!! Every time I walk into a store they’ve got holiday stuff of sort

    Good thinking for securing trampoline … definitely don’t want that going airborne lol 😮😄

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      1. Actually I find afghans easier …but that’s what my grandmother started teaching me with, so maybe that’s why?

        And lol… leather belt – good thinking!

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  10. Perhaps dental floss would have worked as well? Might take a lot of it, though. I love the daffodils … we don’t have so much as a bud, a sprout, or a li’l crocus popping its head out yet. Maybe by the end of this month. We should just chat in the middle of the night, for my sleep has been much like yours, and now I seem to have a bit of pneumonia, making sleep even more elusive. Sigh. Hugs!

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      1. I actually slept well and long last night (10 whole hours!!!), so am feeling better today. Yes, ’tis a shame, for we could chat the night away! As it is, I’m climbing into bed when you’re starting your workday.

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  11. I wouldn’t worry about starting a war. The EU has updated their negotiating position for the upcoming trade talks. It now reads: So Long, And Thanks for all the Trampolines 😉

    Good luck with keeping your trampoline in one piece.

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  12. We’ve been de-constipating our house, and I found a knitting bag and needles in the back of a cupboard. I started to knit a cardigan for a new baby in the family, and yes, it’s a very calming activity. I haven’t knitted anything for about 15 years!

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  13. I know the sleepless nights as well. The thing is I’m tired around 9 so I fall asleep but wake at 11 and than I am finding myself up till 3 in the morning watching random tv shows. Ughh… I always wanted to try knitting. I’m excited to see what you make if you decide to.

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