It’s Sunday so I’m in need of my weekly fix of Switzerland.

A country which is so special to me and our son. We spent many happy holidays in this beautiful country. My partners beloved dad worked with a injured soldiers charity out in Switzerland after the war. He fell in love with the country. That formed a long family bond with Switzerland. In my partners absence we will keep that candle burning bright.

I still remember that first time flying into Geneva and getting that initial glimpse of The Alps.

That first sight of a stunning alpine valley.

That first afternoon walking outside the hotel, hand in hand with my partner and getting my first sight of the mountain which dominates beautiful Spiez.

Those trips on the lake boats.

That first sight of The Matterhorn.

Watching the world go by on the trains while son repeatedly asked his mum to tell him the fairy story involving The Eiger, The Monch and the Jungfrau.

Watching the sun set over The Alps while son played with his animals on the hotel balcony.

Those trips to the heights of The Alps and pointing out each famous mountain to an excited son.

Circumstances mean that we currently can’t be there, but our hearts most definitely are.

60 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. Just beautiful. About 20 years ago I stayed in Cervinia on the other side of the Matterhorn. We skied over to Switzerland. Amazing place. Phenomenal sights. I wish I was there right now. ☺️

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  2. Such beautiful memories. I love your photos. Looking out of the window I look across a mountain chain covered with snow in front of a blue sky. Just trying to make you experience it right now, dear friend. A different area of Switzerland (closer to the Lake Constance) but Switzerland at least. Perhaps one day I can introduce you to this area too.

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  3. I put the electronics away last night, so I’m having Swiss Sunday on Sunday for once.

    The lying clock of the time change makes my brain think it’s almost a reasonable hour, but my body knows better.

    Thank you for the Weekly cheer!💌

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  4. Every time you post these beautiful photos and takes my breath away but also breaks my heart a bit for what you and your son are away from. Your memories are treasures . Keep them close with you always. Hugs.

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  5. 😮😱 whoa!! That would be absolutely breathtaking to actually see in person – those photos were incredible!!! Thank you for sharing these! ❤️

    Your son is adorable btw! He has a really adorable smile!

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