It’s Sunday. The world has gone completely bonkers. This morning I so need my few moments of peace in beautiful Switzerland and I invite you to join me.

What I’m about to say might get my British Nationality revoked but here goes. I’m not sure I love my country anymore. I certainly love Yorkshire and the North East. I could see myself being happy in the Scottish Highlands. But increasingly my natural home feels like Switzerland. Not sure about the practicalities but maybe one day.

Today I would certainly settle for just another week there. It’s been four years now. So this morning it’s the next best thing – a virtual visit.

Remembering what it was like to walk in The Alps.

Remembering the colours.

Breathing in the sweet, fresh mountain air.

Listening to the calming soundscapes.

Be safe out there my friends and remember. It’s still a beautiful world.

101 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. Sounds like Switzerland is your peace ✌️… I say work towards it – you’ll get it one day!! If you want that – take that!!

    Is it hard to just move there? Do you need visa and things like you do for the United States ?

    Or can you just pick up and go?

    I have never looked into going to another country to live … my brother did… he wanted duel citizenship both in USA where we born and also Ireland – we are Irish decent on both sides … however was our GREAT grandparents … had to be either grandparents or parents and neither our parents or grandparents requested duel citizenship – he is so mad lol

    I say aim for it!!!

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      1. Well, I totally understand being able to afford!

        … but remember you never really know what life is going to bring you… Hope is very good to have!!

        Cherish everyday anyway, because you don’t wanna miss today’s moments dreaming of tmrw.

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      2. I bet accounting took a lot of time and probably much focus needed with many clients … they make good money here in the states – but I can see how would be hard as single parent.

        The job you have now sounds pretty awesome too… That one actually sounds fun lol … community sports events …
        are you effected any with what’s going on currently?

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      3. It sounds like you are happier now, job wise… despite any money issues… and you get to spend quality time and be there with your son which is priceless ❤️

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      4. That’s kinda scary, I hope doesn’t get bad like that! Hopefully you have support or options just in case

        Many are in same boat here – depend on job for money – with these shut downs if they live paycheck to paycheck this is going to be bad.

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  2. As of midnight last night, we’re in lockdown. A sensible precaution though it does mean we’re all now only virtual travellers. So a trip to Switzerland was very welcome – thank you.

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  3. You could work for the Swiss tourist board! You’ve certainly sold it to me! I haven’t been yet, but whenever I fly over to my wife’s family in northern Italy I’m always stunned by the beauty of the Alps 🙂

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  4. I increasingly feel the same way you do, but about moving back to Austria. But I temper my expectations by remembering more than just the nostalgia. And I have to remember my good fortune. But the mountains and lakes! Could I trade the bushland, beaches and freedom of Australia for them, when they come with so much less privacy than I enjoy in Sydney?

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  5. Isn’t it Demark that’s supposed to have the highest quality of life? Wherever it is, I think about moving but I HATE being cold so it’ll never happen.
    Great pics. Thanks for the share!

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    1. Aotearoa New Zealand scores highly in the quality of life stakes too, and comes with plenty of spectacular scenery. In the part of the country I live in, it’s considered cold when the temperature drops below 15°C (59°F) and freezing when it drops below 10°C (50°F). It snows perhaps once every 10 years. On the other hand we consider it hot when the temperature exceeds 25°C and unbearable when it exceeds 30°C (86°F). We get temperatures in excess of 30°C less than 10 day each year.

      On the other hand, you might find the changeable weather difficult to adopt to. My wife has lived in NZ for 48 years and still finds our frequent “four seasons in one day” something of a challenge.

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      1. Ahhh… NZ is one of my fantasy “move to” countries. I’m on SoCal and used to “no weather” but U’d be happy to have 4 seasons in a day in exchange for the beauty!!

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  6. Thank YOU, dear friend … with the madness in the world at the moment, I so needed this! And your feelings about your country? I can relate. I no longer even like the U.S. … it has become a country I don’t recognize and am not proud to be a part of. If I had the wherewithal, I would move to Mexico or Canada tomorrow. It’s sad, isn’t it? Hugs xx

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  7. I understand what you mean. When I was younger I would get very defensive if anyone assumed by my appearance (dark skin and dark hair), that I weren’t British, but now I almost don’t like to admit it. I was about to say “I don’t like what Britain has become” but part of me thinks maybe it always was like this and I just didn’t see it: intolerant, xenophobic, stomping on the people who need help the most.

    Luckily all is good in the little bubble that is Le Château and the world of Louis Catorze.

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  8. Love the Swiss posts. So serene and calming…

    If you can’t get to Switzerland, head to the Highlands. I’d choose either. I am a direct descendant of the MacPherson clan. I also happen to be Welsh…last name is Jones.

    If you can ever get there…go.

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