And breathe…

You meet some odd people in life. I was reading a great blog about the planet Uranus when it reminded me of an old Physics teacher at school. He kept his lunchbox in the science fume cupboard. He was permanently covered in dust. His grey and permanently creased suit was about 5 sizes too big for him. He could take 6 spaces before his suit would move. He employed a simple marking system. Work was crossed out if wrong. Nothing for a correct answer. If he added any comments they were limited to wrong or so wrong. A really poor answer received an illegible squiggle. His class discipline involved him growling ‘You boy’. He even shouted that at the girls. But his coup de grace to effective teaching was his approach to the solar system. He had issues with two planets. He viewed Pluto as a silly cartoon name for a planet. So he just ignored the planet. He had real issues with Uranus. He viewed it as a vulgar name which ‘snotty kids’ could not be trusted with. Any kid found saying it’s name would get detention. It had to be called the Seventh Planet. No wonder I never became an Astronomer.

I guess many of us will struggle to meet many people (odd or not) over the next few weeks. The new life motto is Social Distancing. I wonder if that gives me licence to go out running and go shopping in just my underpants. Very liberating and almost certainly guaranteed to maximise my Social Distancing.

Social Distancing is something which the WordPress support team have been practicing with me recently. I have been trying to renew my subscription for weeks now. I keep getting a system error when I try to hit the renew button. The support team gave me one fix which didn’t work and now they have gone missing. Well my subs run out in 16 hours with currently no way to renew. If my site does go bang then I promise it will return. Maybe this time I will have it as a tribute. Maybe call it Myanus. As a tribute to the seventh planet or a reminder it’s good to meet characters. People we still remember after all these years. And yes the old Physics Teacher was right, snotty boys cannot be trusted with a word like Uranus.

69 thoughts on “Uranus

  1. Lol… this post made me laugh very much!!

    I still giggle with Uranus lol – can not help that slight immaturity on that word!!

    And the other one you mention for a name – also makes me laugh 😄✌️ … can’t decide which one is more hilarious lol

    Sorry Can’t help you with whatever you mean with WordPress? I am not that advanced – hopefully you don’t leave – enjoy the posts

    Return fast so we don’t have to hunt down Uranus lol 😄 sorry I had to ✌️

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  2. lol… I’m having similar issues with renewing my microsoft subscription. I’m not gonna worry about it.

    Double bonus points if you shop in your undies!! You’d barely warrant a double-look here. I routinely shop at local stores in my pjs cause i’ve seen so many others do it!

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  3. Didn’t anyone tell Mr. Seventh Planet that Uranys was the father of the Titans, who ruled the sky and all beneath it. Well, at least until he was castrated by his son Chronus, but we don’t want to tell Mr. S. P. that–he obviously had no balls himself. Was he a Puritan, by any chance?

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  4. I do hope you manage to renew. I’m in lock-down though can still go out to shop and ride my bike so long as I carry an « attestation » a self-certificate explaining why I’m out and about!

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  5. That’s crazy. I had a science teacher who was the same way. He would kick you out of the classroom if you didn’t pronounce Uranus the way he did: Urineus. Is that really any better? I don’t know who named that planet, but that fellow is the one who should get detention or kicked out of the classroom. Why should anyone else have to suffer?

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  6. I so needed to read this post tonight. Day from hell and you managed to make me laugh out loud my friend. I loved it. Humour is so important right now. I think you running and going to the supermarket in your underpants is probably less important but if you feel it would liberate you and keep folk away, go for it! 😁😁

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  7. Oh my God – I was laughing while reading this. I wish I could have known that teacher – sounds like a hoot. And I beg you, please, if you do try that experiment in Social Distancing please let us know the results. Haha. Take good care my friend. And thanks so much for this. I really needed to laugh.

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