A new day. Let’s not allow any crap from yesterday mess up today. The cynical side of me is shouting – today probably has enough new crap to keep me occupied. But today is a new page and let’s see what it brings. Pigging lots of fun I hope.

Late last night (430am) I finally gained some control over my two brain cell super computer. My mind wandered to the stuff which social distancing is stopping which we could run virtually.

A virtual darts league

A virtual computer gaming league ( would be even more fun if it was just for those whose middle name is something like ‘Games Nube’ or ‘Apart from the old Atari tennis game I’m generally Crap’)

Virtual Cooking schools and bake offs (we did a brilliant one last year)

Virtual Gardening Clubs or in my case a Virtual Mass Plant Murderer Club

Virtual Exercise or Yoga Gyms

Virtual Book a major event. Say Wrestlemania, LiveAid, Woodstock, The Great Exhibition

Virtual Coffee Meet-ups

Virtual let’s recreate the cinema experience and watch the same film then review it night out

Virtual Homeschooling school gate meet-ups

Virtual bad hair days

Virtual fashion disasters as we can do whatever we like in our homes. Really go for it

Virtual design with Lego or whatever you have in the house challenges (come up with a theme and see what people and the kids make)

Virtual let’s write a song together gigs

Virtual let’s make pizza lunches.

On the subject of making pizza. Well that’s what we have just done.

Yes it’s not to Pizza Express standards. But we don’t care because we had fun… and yes I know the work surface needs a good clean…… Our pizza session also introduced a new concept to me. Ethical Cooking Balance.

Son looked at my attempt. A pizza which was completely dairy, gluten, meat free. Then back to his. A normal ham, full on dairy pizza.

“Dad I think your pizza looks a bit sad. It needs something. Maybe some proper cheese and ham”

“Well son it won’t be ethical then would it”

Well think about it. I will take some of my existing topping and put that on yours. You then put some of your ethical topping on mine. We have not used any less ethical products and not used any more unethical stuff. The quantities are exactly the same as before. But now my pizza is slightly more ethical and yours is slightly less ethical, but will taste infinitely better. So we still have balance”

I tried but couldn’t really argue with that. So that’s what happened. And yes he was right – it did taste so much better….

134 thoughts on “Pizza Saturday

      1. Yes, thank you, Gary. Was at work this morning for doing the most necessary. We have a small team and my colleague and I are taking turns. The weather is beautiful when even freezing cold all of a sudden. So, all good! How is everything going for you and your son?

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      2. It has been German (my mother tongue) and languages in general, music, and most of those subject you only need to learn like biology, history, geography. Although those got worse later when I got more lazy… lol

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      3. Also I was talking to my youngest son about how it would have been if I had to do home schooling with him. He said that would have never worked… I am totally with him 😆

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      4. I am very good, Gary! Did some home office and had time to go for my studies, for working on my herbal health care products, and even got my bigger house cleaning project started 😎 How are you, Gary?

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  1. Writing a song together could be interesting…lol. But it could be scary. I think your son is trying to help you live a little. I like that. He’s looking out for you. Wise kid. ☺

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      1. Holy cow, I am getting so many steps in these days. I usually run on my treadmill in the morning and then in the afternoon we go for walks. We walked for almost two hours yesterday – Bob, I and Declan with the two dogs. The kids like waffles in the morning too – D & C like theirs with rainbow sprinkles inside, Bobby with white chocolate chips. Anyway, as I sit with the waffle iron making those I lift my weights, do squats, etc. I’m not running today as my foot pain has been acting up. Are you able to get any exercise in?

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  2. Daughter and I were talking about making pizza before the panic buying. My favorite has pepperoni, bacon, green peppers & tomatoes with triple cheese (mozzarella and extra sharp cheddar)
    We wound up ordering Dominos🤷🏼‍♀️

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  3. That is such a brilliant way to think of it! Metaphor for life maybe?
    I’m going to cook lasagne I think. Mine won’t be ethical I’m afraid.
    Virtual dance lessons have already started! Thursday night was cha cha cha! I didn’t join in but sounds like fun.
    Virtual film night .. fab idea. We could all get virtually cross with each other too, if someone needs to loo in the middle and disrupts it!
    I really hope today has been a better day for you xx

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  4. I think it would be a mistake for us to fill our social isolation with even more virtual interaction. This is the time for us to spend some essential time in reflecting on the path we’re currently on as individuals, as a nation, and as a species on our shared planet.

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  5. That son of yours is Brilliant – yes, with a capital “B”. There is actually quite of lot of free stuff online atm – museums are offering free virtual tours, zoos, and art galleries as well. I have saved a bunch of links. I am pasting a few here:

    https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=513180159386985 (from the Calgary Zoo, here in Alberta)




    I am sure you’ve seen the same or similar links. But, just in case. Now, may I have a piece of pizza please? LOL

    Hang in there and stay safe.

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  6. My family had pizza Friday! All except me, who is allergic to dairy, wheat, and eggs. I had homemade chicken and veggie soup with an Indian twist – curry paste to add flavor to the broth, and coconut milk. Your pizzas look delicious!

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  7. Homemade pizza was our dinner last night (and leftovers tonight) here’s how I built it –
    crust – brushed with a layer of olive oil – sprinkled on dried oregano and garlic granules – layer of mozzarella cheese, layer of pepperoni, diced artichoke hearts, mushrooms, dollops of sauce then another layer on motz cheese. I think even if you made this “ethical” it would still be flavorful.

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  8. You’re a braver man than I, cooking with your son. My mom’s done some baking with the kids, Bo too, but me? Nnnnnnnnnope. Though with this quarantine, I may just let’em loose in the kitchen and make sure they just don’t burn the house down…

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