It’s Sunday so does anyone fancy a little virtual trip to a wonderful country called Switzerland.

Yes I might be currently over 1000km away in another part of Europe. But my heart is there.

So as my world rapidly shrinks for the next few months, I think it’s time to remember the beauty of The Alps.

The wonderful and friendly people. The brilliant culture.

The clock work precision of daily life. Even its wildlife get in on the act.

The stunning clear blue Lakes.

The history.

The beautiful Swiss villages and towns.

The always colourful alpine meadows.

The crisp mountain air.

The fun

And above all the peace.

87 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. I can see how much you really love that place – your photos are beautiful and you recount the moments with a sense of excitement ?

    I have places I love like that too. It makes me notice the way you speak of Switzerland

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  2. I’m totally going when all this is over. Those are some absolutely gorgeous photos! My favourite is the one of your son .. super cute 💕
    Happy Sunday. I know today will be tricky but I hope you both share lots of lovely memories xx

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  3. Like I said to Sadje the other day, ice cream is Magic, look at Son’s face!😍🍦
    Switzerland is magic too! The virtual trips are always welcomed! Glad I missed my usual Saturday Night, because today is when I need it. (Younger Daughter Drama, Ben is ‘normal’ Ben😂)

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      1. A few years ago our city was evacuated due to wildfires. During the evacuation we visited Banff National Park. It was so humbling to stand before the Rockies and contemplate the glories of creation. Your photos are similar in that they evoke those sentiments and feelings.

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  4. Wonderful photos! Such a visually stunning place! Meadows! 😃 I love meadows! Your son definitely looks like he’s in his happy place in that photo. So cute! Thanks for the virtual trip! I look forward to Swiss Sundays. ☺

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      1. We’re fine, Gary. Thanks for asking. We’ve nothing to complain about. Some have it so hard. I’m trying to write to give hope to others, but there’s always the guilt that I should just shut up because I’m so happy to be home, happy to be away from my workplace hells and my salary is still intact. This isn’t so for so many people.

        So what right do I have to try and calm people?

        But I still do it, albeit treading as carefully as a clumsy elephant can, on the off chance that it’ll help some poor soul.

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      1. Last night I had that sinking feeling that due to circumstances we ain’t going to be there for a very long time. Then I thought well bugger it. Let’s see if a I can find a window and I will stick a poster or something on it. Just imagine being in that country and that’s my hotel window view. Can change it when I get bored. xx

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      2. Hmmmm … there’s an idea. How about a montage of all your beautiful Switzerland pictures covering a whole wall? I couldn’t put a poster on my windows, for the light coming in is the only thing keeping me sane, I think.

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